003: Network Marketing Tips for beginners to recruiting FA$T in the next 90 days.

In this episode, I’d love to share some network marketing tips to help in recruiting but more importantly to build an everlasting legacy. The keyword here is everlasting.

I have experienced some massive success in this business. However, it is as a result of lots of failure along the way. If you have access to this information, you shouldn’t have to experience the same failure.

A lot of times, people would experience some success but very temporary and non-sustainable success. If you are lucky, your first fall from grace will be earlier than later–it happens to most high achievers.

The later it comes, the worse it feels. I want you to brace your self because roller coaster rides often comes with massive excitement. However the excitement is due to ups and downs.

I know you will make a lot of money in network marketing business. But you will make it sooner when you learn how to master the art and science of navigating through the valleys.

Here are 3 Network Marketing Tips for Beginners

If you are brand new, these 3 tips are for you.

If you are struggling, we often have to go back to the basics in entrepreneurship. These 3 tips are also for you… speaking of:

  1. This is entrepreneurship
  2. This is a journey
  3. This is million dollar business

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Now let me digress a bit into each one of these tips:

1. This is Entrepreneurship

First of all, let’s find out what Google and wikipedia has to say about the word entrepreneurship. Shall we?

“Entrepreneurship is the process of designing a new business, i.e. a startup company offering a product, process or service. The entrepreneur perceives a new business opportunity and often exhibits biases in their perception and subsequent decision to exploit the opportunity.”

In this definition, I want to pick out 5 words that stands out to me. I suggest that you dig deeper inside of yourself and find out what these words mean to you.

Process – You need a system and personal discipline to execute (take action) in spite of limited resources.

Biases – Your faith is really going to be required probably for the first time in your life.  Your faith will be tested.

Decision – You are required to learn how to make decisions specifically from limited information.

Exploit – You are required to make profit at some point if you want to serve more people. This is not a mother Teresa type of business.

Opportunity – This is an opportunity for you and no one is really going to beg you to take it or take free enterprise serious. But I encourage you… It’s good for you and your family.

That’s the first of my tips for network marketing success if you desire the truth. Let’s get in the second one.

2. This is a journey

Here at myEmpirePRO, we can help you build a thriving and profitable business in 90 days. But I have to warn you.

This business will also attract a lot of $7 cheap lookiloos who really never want to invest money and time into themselves.

When they do decide to quit on their own journey as they often will, it’s the easiest thing in the world to take ownership in their journey. Don’t do it.

Your very own journey is different and they just happened to be a part of a bigger picture and story. Never forget that you are right dead in the middle of telling a lifetime story.

Your schedule in network marketing is not part-time nor is it full-time. It’s a lifetime journey.

That doesn’t mean you are always partnered with the right team or company. Sometimes, those things will shift. The key is to be determined to be the last man standing in your free enterprise journey.

As I said in #1, you are always going to have limited information and resources to work with. That’s a main part of our job as entrepreneurs–managing limited resources and becoming resourceful.

  • Energy
  • Bandwidth
  • Time
  • Money

You need to manage these things. That’s one of the best recruiting tips for network marketing as we move deeper and deeper into the digital age.

How would you rather have your prospecting and recruiting go?

Exposing 100 prospects every 1 minute or spending 100 minutes trying to convince 1 prospect at StarBucks?

That leads me into the 3rd of the many network marketing tips I’d have love to share with you–but you can simply attend our workshop tomorrow for more.

3. This is million dollar business opportunity.

If you have in your possession a million dollar business opportunity tip, what would your behavior with a prospect be?

Nice but confident right?  You suddenly won’t be the beggar.

My pastor actually gave an example that was profound.

If you hit a car on the road, every one is safe but the car got damaged. How does it feel knowing that you are fully insured?

Your confidence… to chill, call a cop to file a report is through the roof.

If you get it… being exposed to the network marketing business opportunity is an insurance that protects you against lack and poverty.

Therefore when you are prospecting and recruiting, there is a certain level of confidence that you carry. Guess what? Your prospects can feel it too and that dramatically improves your conversion.

But remember…

That type of confidence comes from an assurance from the inside. Often as a beginner, you may still be in the doubt mode.

Whats the way around that?

In this episode, let me leave you with these 5 few ACTIONABLE steps:

  • Pretend like you just invested $1,000,000 (million) in a McDonald Franchise–a proven business model.
  • Pretend that you know that it may take you 3 – 5 years to get into profits like a real business owner.
  • Realize that you are lucky to find a million dollar business opportunity that took you less than $100,000 (10% of a traditional business) in investment to get started.
  • Pretend that you are a million dollar per year earner already in your mind–if you can’t, it will never show up in real life.
  • Decide and commit to learning everything available to you about yourself, your mindset, marketing and serving people.

I want to conclude with this…

Mastering emotions and psychology is the greatest of all tips for network marketing prospecting. It’s not just about the psychology of your prospects but more importantly, yours with respect to others.

Why do you feel the way you feel right now?

Is ‘fear’ playing a role?

Is greed involved?

What about sentiments?

We all have to get better in different aspects of our personal lives.

When you learn how to connect that with your network marketing business, that my friend, is the greatest of all network marketing tips either in prospecting, recruiting or any type of high performance desires.


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