6 crucial elements of online network marketing, recruiting & sales

On today’s episode, I want to talk about the 6 crucial elements of online network marketing. When it comes to running a network marketing business online, people complicate it for themselves.

I’m going to break online network marketing business and strategies down into very simple tips for you.

Quite frankly, yes. Once you start getting to some advanced-level, it becomes pretty interesting. It’s supposed to become pretty interesting and not shut you off your business.

A lot of people get thrown into the middle of nowhere and then they get stuck. Guess what happens? They quit. I’m going to help you avoid that by simply listening to this particular episode.

As a matter of fact, you will notice that I do this all the time on every single episode and you will notice that this episode is actually part of that process.

  • This blog is a part of that process.
  • Every email I would ever send out to you is a part of that process.

If you want to be successful almost effortlessly in your business, you should make this a part of your process.

Sometimes people feel like it’s about the computers. People say, “I’m not a tech person, I’m not a techie. I don’t know anything about computers.”

Before they even try anything, they shut themselves off, they shut the brain off. Before you know it, they throw in the towel.

Guess what? To make money in any endeavor, to create wealth has nothing to do with technical stuff. Absolutely nothing. It has everything to do with some of these simple concepts I’m about to share with you.

Obviously, it has to do with service. It has to do with somebody acquiring some kind of benefit through you and you get paid for it. That’s where money comes from; from you serving people.

If you can keep it that simple, making money in this business becomes a heck of a lot more easier. That process, bringing that down to a little bit of a step-by-step science.

That’s what I’m about to share with you and I call it the six crucial elements of online network marketing.

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You can actually do this also offline. The dynamics may be a little bit different, but you can absolutely do this same thing offline because at the end of the day, you have to be serving people.

The more people you serve, the more people actually get some kind of value by interacting or having some kind of encounter with you, the more money you stand to make. It’s really that simple.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a church, it doesn’t matter if you’re running a network marketing organization, it doesn’t matter if you’re running an industry type of company, it doesn’t matter if you’re running a warehouse. It doesn’t matter if you’re running Amazon.com. The same thing applies.

Again, all of that you can find in this 6 crucial elements.

1. Question.

What do I mean by question? Everybody that you are supposed to serve already have the questions, it’s an existing question. They have a question in place. Your job is to simply answer that question.

…but it’s not just that simple. That brings me to the second element.

2. Why.

When people ask questions, you need to address ‘why’ they have that question. Sometimes people will throw a question at you, but there’s a bigger reason behind the asking of that question.

There are two ways to find out. You can find out by simply asking them why would you like to have an answer to that question or you can simply become an expert in this business, and you can see it already miles away.

You can answer that “why” yourself because then that will allow you to be able to accurately give the 3rd crucial element of online network marketing.

3. Answer

I just went through all of the first 3 elements of online network marketing in one shot. Let me go over it again one more time.

The first one is question. The second one is “why are they asking the question”. If you don’t know why they ask, you will never be able to give the proper answer to the question.

You need to do this process, the question, why, and answers, you need to do that over and over, more than enough times. When you do that, you become an expert in your particular arena.

That’s how you market online, that’s how you run an online network marketing… absolutely and strictly on the internet. By simply being the source of answers to the most frequently asked questions. You need to become an expert at answering the frequently asked questions.

How do you do that? You find the answers. Everybody else is not willing to find the answers. You as an expert, you are always willing and always able … Of course you’re able, but the key thing is “willing.”

The key thing that most people are not willing to do is “willing” to go that extra mile to finding answers.

You need to be the person who says, “Listen, I’m going to find the answers to any questions anybody will have about starting a home-based business, about building an existing home-based business. I’m going to be the source of information for any frequently asked question in regards to that.”

When you do that, you become an expert and people chase after you. There are 3 more elements and I’m going to go through them really pretty quickly here.

4. Problem.

There’s usually a problem attached to when people ask a question, which is the first element. You need to address them. Even when people say, “I don’t have this problem.”

You know a lot of people would never admit that they have a problem. However, when you talk about the problem, they can relate. They may not admit, but they can still relate in their mind.

Do you have problems generating more leads for your business? You don’t have to tell me yes or no. Your mind will tell you yes if it in fact a yes, and your prospect operates the same way.

If they operate the same way, they can relate with you and they will start looking at you in highness. They will start looking at you as the expert, as the authority with regards and respect to the topic at hand.

Now, I need you to do something I call stab and twist by actually pronouncing out the problems that the problem poses for them. Chances are they are struggling and that struggle will not come to the light unless you actually say it out so they can hear you.

What’s the problem of NOT generating leads online? Or NOT generating enough leads for your business? You would struggle and, you would attend all the events, and you would never be able to get on the stage because you’re not producing.

What’s the problem of not having enough people to talk to about your business? You struggle, get frustrated, and people will make fun of you and “little pyramid thing”.

Your family and loved ones may even call you a scam artist while not generating the results that you need to go to prove them wrong. And it would be all whose fault? Well, I don’t know, maybe not your fault because no one is telling you.

However, now that I’ve told you exactly what it is, it’s going to become your fault because you have the knowledge, right?

When you’re dealing with your prospect, you need to address them the same way. You’re not disrespecting them, you’re saying pretty much what’s already there, there’s a problem.

After you give the problem, you give the…

5. Solution.

What’s the solution of generating more leads online? You learn how to. You plug it into a system and into a community that does that. You stick around with a team that actively does that and you learn all you can about that.

It all comes down to “applied” knowledge, but not only that, when you’re part of a community you’re held accountable for your actions. People are around you to call you out if you’re not taking the actions that you need to take to generate more leads.

That would be the ULTIMATE solution.

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In the same token, the problem for your particular prospect in whatever business you do will have a solution. You need to be the one to find that solution and offer it to them.

You provide that solution, you tell them exactly the concept is. Tell them the concept behind the solution for free, and then you can offer them to either become a lead, subscribe to your list, or buy something.

That will absolutely give them a closer experience of what the solution feels like. In other words, you provide the solution information, you give them the knowledge, you educate them about the solution, so they know what the solution is.

6. Call to action with an offer

You can give them an offer in terms of an affiliate offer or even your very own product, or just a simple email subscription.

Maybe they’re not leads yet, you can have them subscribe or have them register for a workshop so you can collect leads and actually increase your value by educating them and giving them what they need the most.

That’s how to build an online network marketing business. 1.) Question. 2.) Why the question 3.) Answer 4.) Problem 5.) Solution. Last but not least is a 6.) Call to action with an offer.

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