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QUESTION ⁉️ “Do you work with probate leads?

I ask because I started on probates maybe a few months ago, and I send out letters to individuals who are listed on the docket stating that they’re heirs on the property.

Well long story short, a heir on a property called me and stated that she was interested in selling, and I informed her that all the heirs would need to be onboard especially the executor.

The executor calls me today, and she and her husband are upset saying that it’s unjust to send that type of information out and that they are not heirs etc. The husband even stated that he’d be taking me to court. I asked him what law has been broken but I never got an answer.

I guess I’m just looking for some feedback on probate leads, and if anyone and you have ever seen any success from them? Also if I could be sued for something like this?



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