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TURNING PI$$ED OFF SELLERS TO $30K/MONTH 📍 Real Estate Wholesaling

QUESTION ⁉️ “Hey everyone

What do you do if you have a property under contract and market it on Facebook, Craigslist and where-ever…

…and the seller sees his property listed for a higher price than you got it under contract for?

What do you do if seller gets on fire and blows a head gasket? (Aka Gets really pissed off) 😂”

So in Real Estate Wholesaling, you make money when you find deeply discounted property (from mass media marketing)…

Locking it under contract at a deeply discounted price and then…

Selling it to a cash buyer or end buyer at a higher price and keeping the spread between as a fee.

The deep discount is typically possible because the seller has life events and problems that warrants getting rid of the property as a solution.

The key is to lead the relationship with you intention to solve the sellers problem.

If you do so, how much and how you make money doing so is never a problem.

If it’s in fact a problem for them, you need to let them loose and focus on helping someone else.

If you don’t have someone else, it means you don’t have a lead pipeline.

Your first focus should be on building a lead pipeline so you can afford to walk away from bad leads such as a pissed of seller.

Tip: A pissed off seller is simply a non-motivated seller and they are not worth your time.

When you learn how to market and build a lead pipeline, your time becomes very expensive and you (and anyone else) can’t afford to spend it on low quality leads.

You then focus on sorting and never having to sell… you’ve got options and they are coming everyday.

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