REAL ESTATE WHOLESALING ➡️ Dangers of Paralysis by Analysis

In this video, you will discover and identify paralysis by analysis as one of the reasons many fail at real estate wholesaling.

Statistically speaking, most newbie will never get started with their marketing activity, much less getting to close deals.

There is a simple reason for that. Information overload and overwhelm. It is what it is and you can only blame one person for that–the person in the mirror.

There are more than enough information on real estate wholesaling even available for free. But that can pose as a curse MOST TIMES.

Find a path. Find a mentor. Create or find a step-by-step actionable formula and follow it religiously until you close your 1st deal.

You can consume more information as you want but you have to figure out the difference between actionable and reminder information. Majority are reminders for the winners.

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