REAL ESTATE WHOLESALING | Standing out & Leading with Value

In this video, I present a testimonial of a reader of Smart Real Estate Wholesaling on how it has showed him how to stand out and lead with value.


“Maaaaan listen, I just finished your Smart Real Estate Wholesaling book.

I was blown away by the content.

I’ve been aware of internet marketing for some time, but didn’t have much success.

Partly information overload and the wrong mindset.

I was even on the list of one of the first marketers to really do big things, the late Cory Rudl.

However, I was too skeptical at the time and thought the course was too expensive.

Anyway, I wanted to reach out and tell you how much I appreciated your content.

This weekend, my wife and I are going to review it extensively because we just started a Real Estate Wholesaling company and have experienced the guru talk.

i.e: “go to the court house, use bandit signs…. Etc”

You’ve given us the blueprint to stand out and lead with value.
Even before our 1st deal is done.

I say thank you because I know the possibilities are endless …and I’m willing to take the action.

Lastly, If it’s not too much trouble, I’m interested in that 17 days challenge you spoke of. ►►► http://17DaysChallenge.com

With the fire I feel after finishing your book, I’m positive I’d be the 1 of 25. Wishing you continued success for sure.


I didn’t see info on your mastermind group, but you have me if I can find it. Lol Take care.”

So many newbie are coming into the game of real estate wholesaling. It’s a very easier endeavor for many to jump into because of the promise that no cash or credit is needed.

While this is this true, that creates a new problem; over-saturation.

In smart real estate wholesaling, you will discover how to become the cream that rises to the top while still taking advantage of the PROs of traditional real estate wholesaling.