Recruiting Tip: How to Sponsor A-Type Leaders into Your Network Marketing Business

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Prospecting for your network marketing on Facebook can be quite interesting. But with skills, not only can you recruit anyone anytime, you can actually attract top producing champions into your team.


You are trying to network with some friends… and BAAAAMMM!!!

They pitched you their own business opportunity.

Honestly, that’s the easiest one for me to handle. The prospect clearly needs to be exposed to network marketing 2.0. But it’s not that that simple but simple.

When you are talking to prospects at any level, you require communication and influence skills. I personally try not to have conversations with people who don’t know me and what I do already, but it happens sometimes.

In this episode, I ‘m also going to teach you how to deal with random Facebook pitchers.

What do I mean by that?

I am talking about people who approach you on Facebook with business opportunities without having a previous relationship with you. Are you one of these people?

More importantly, I think you will learn how to attract a-type leaders into your team. Let’s get on it.

First of all, we all as network marketers should be prospecting on social media especially Facebook. So I am not saying don’t prospect on Facebook at all. All I am saying is that, strategy is required

The first thing you need to realize is that prospecting is different from marketing. The name of the profession is “network marketing.”

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The adjective is network and the subject of that phrase is marketing.

The top producers and earners know that marketing always come 1st. Everything else including the actual act of networking comes 2nd. Most newbie do it the other way around.

In fact, there are a lot of people prospecting without marketing. But then they wonder why they get burnt out so soon. This is the order in which it goes down usually.

So I get approached all the time by newbie because someone told them to go after A-type prospects. They come to my Facebook profile and they can feel the lifestyle as soon as they see it.

Thanks to Attraction Marketing and Engineering…

Then they private message me:

Hi Ola, thanks for connecting. I saw we had some friends in common, so I decided to connect. I saw you live in New Jersey – close to where I went to for my undergrad. What do you do?

There is nothing wrong with this script. Yes it is a script and it’s okay.

If you pitch enough people like this on Facebook, you may just sponsor people but probably not a player like myself. Why? I’ve seen it all. PLUS, once you become aware and concerned about time efficiency in your business, you will know better.

So with that script, here are the mechanics in bold commentaries….

“Hi Ola, thanks for connecting.” <<< I don’t remember connecting with him.

“I saw we had some friends in common, so I decided to connect.”

>>> He is the one chasing me. As much as you can, try not to be the chaser after your prospect. May be it worked in the 70’s but there are absolutely no reasons to chase now in the digital age.

“I saw you live in New Jersey – close to where I went to for my undergrad.”

>>> He is making extra effort to connect with me through a ‘made up’ common interest found in my basic information from my public Facebook profile.

Good move–but not good enough.

“What do you do?”

>>> This person really does not know me. As kids, we were taught not to talk to stranger–at least not in my culture.

With me, the answer to that question is a one page site. Anyway, that’s not a good question to open me up as a prospect for a good connection in this digital age. So I want to share with you the best way to recruit an A-Type leader into your business.

The first step is to make your results show up on their radar.

What is a radar in this context?

Simply put “attention.”

Your results need to catch his/her attention. Using a script is a great way to give your agenda away too soon. There is nothing wrong with an agenda. We all have one.

However, you should connect first or give something first before attempting or looking like you want to just receive. That would be a universal law. I believer in ask so you can receive but you have to give first.

When your prospect detects that you are in fact prospecting, they will naturally pull the guards up regardless of the personality type.

“What are you trying to sell me?”

Specifically, what I am asking you, is to pay attention to the receiving end of your prospecting strategy. That’s why looking at my basic info on my Facebook profile was not good enough.

There are 2 things to note:

  1. Recruit a-type leaders with pure attraction.
  2. Recruit other types of leaders with authority.

1st let’s talk about the a-type scenario. This type of people are naturally attracted to quality and strength. They can smell it from 1,000 miles away or more.

So, showing up in their Facebook private message with “what do you do?” is just weak especially when they don’t know who you are.

Remember that being a Facebook friend does not guarantee that someone know who you are. In fact, that type of relationship is no-relationship and not a genuine connection. You need something better in order to attract a leader.

Here are 3 steps to attract a leader:

  1. Find out what he/she does and be clear on it before approaching him/her.
  2. Find out how you can invest in what he/she does. Not only will you learn but you are proving that you are an entrepreneur with strength. Investing in yourself is always a sign of strength and sign that you believe in yourself.
  3. Go on a mission to create results with what you learn from that leader and share the testimony with him/her.

The only exception to this 3 steps is if the leader is not busy at the moment. But guess what… A-Type leaders are always busy so your chances of that being the case is slim to almost none.

Here is another exception…

The result you create doesn’t have to be directly through the leader’s personally created products, but it can simply be within his/her circle of influence–again, get in his/her radar.

The bottom line is that you can only attract leaders before you can sponsor them. Timing can either be right or you can learn attraction mastery as I recommend. Hope is a bad marketing strategy…

As far as recruiting other types of leaders, you need authority to do that. I was just reading an email from a mentor who was borderline predicting that Donal Trump will probably win this election based on charisma.

I agree with him slightly… My opinion is a little skewed because I know people like him also underestimate the social power of human beings today–Social Media. But there is some truth to his analysis.

People only follow strength. In fact people will step all over you, regardless of their personality types, if they sense weakness in you and your business approach.

They won’t necessarily do it intentionally. These things are mostly subconscious. So in prospecting, instead of putting yourself in a position to ask:

“what do you do?”

What if… you are in a position to say,

how may i help you“How may I help you?”

All of a sudden, there you have a paradigm shift.

This is how to position yourself like an authority that recruits newbies effortlessly and attracts a-type leaders effortlessly. Marketing comes before prospecting and even networking.

Marketing brings in leads; more leads than you can talk to in a day, every single day. If you can do that, you already know more that 80% of network marketers and that’s authority by default.

After that, you can prospect on the leads. It’s easier because they already know you, and what you do. You don’t need to know what they do because your question during prospecting is simply:

“How may I help you?”

Then all you ever need to do is a CC; one of my mentors called it “collaborative closing”… to get them started. They already want your solution, your expertise, to work with you, your products and your services.


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