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Top 3 Elements that Initiates Sales & Recruiting Consistently

Sales and Recruiting for many is like pulling decayed tooth.

An average prospect normally act like a recruiter is the enemy or at the least, act like they smell, don’t they?

My point is that no one like the sales guy or the MLM recruiter until these 3 things I want to share with you is in place.

Thank God.

Some prospects are gracious enough to promise to take a look at your CD, website or whatever medium the business opportunity presentation comes in. However the chances that they will ever look at it is almost slim to none.

Sometimes, they misplaced it OR… did they? LOL…

The main problem with this process in your business is actually efficiency and effectiveness. Does the amateur recruiting method work sometimes? YES!

Consistently? Not a chance… Even the average networker online are spamming post every where without a strategy. This is a big problem that’s giving the whole profession a bad name and you should not be a part of it.

YOU should learn the skill because it’s actually simple.

In this post I’ve narrowed it down for you to this simple 3 elements. The struggle is REAL in ‘sponsoring land’ for an average networker and YOU don’t have to be average ever again in sponsoring after reading this.

I’ve used this to sponsor over 1,000 personally. I’ve used it to consistently sponsor 30 – 50 people personally to multiple opportunities monthly. Therefore pay attention.

I came up with this because I struggled initially with recruiting too.

  • I gave flyers out at train stations–NO RESULTS.
  • I invited people to the home and hotel meetings–BAD PROSPECT QUALITY.
  • PLUS more stupid stuff like dropping fake dollar bills with a marketing message and CDs at gas stations.

Guess what!

Technology didn’t change it either but it magnified the problem so I could see what was missing. When I moved my business online, it became clear that there is a method to the madness.

Amateurs come online a lot to repeat the same strategies that never worked offline. It’s human beings online that you are trying to attract too. Right?

Once I share this with you and you implement, you will be able to sponsor a minimum of 20 people into your business per month without breaking a sweat.

How’s that?

So here are the elements of a PERFECT recruiting process.

toolsfunnel1. The Perpetual Prospect Pipe

I call this the PPP. The bottom line with any business is that you need people walking through door. Not just people but a traffic of people.

I am not going insult your intelligence as if you didn’t know this before. Money comes from people that we serve right? You need people in every business.

However the main point here is that you need more prospects and lead than you have time. The good news is that this is the easiest part about the whole business.

What I like to do personally is to buy marketing that attracts an endless number of targeted traffic of people just like any other sensible business does.

There are traffic generation strategies that are free but they are usually not scalable or predictable. I like to run a business that’s almost 100% predictable.

When you run your business on hope, you expose yourself to unnecessary emotions and increase your chance of quitting on your dreams exponentially. When you put a PPP (Perpetual Prospect Pipe) in place then we can have the next one.

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2. The Pre-Qualification Process

So you have a bunch of people coming through the door. Thanks to the PPP.

Do we need them all to buy? NO! That’s actually a bad idea.

Believe me; you do not want certain type of people in your team. They will make your life and business harder and you may end up with an adult babysitting business.

The truth is that internet and network marketing often attracts overgrown adolescents. Therefore you need a pre-qualification process in place. I prefer it to be automated and I will show you how to do that in our next PUR class.

This is not about conducting interviews in person because that may come off pretending to offer a JOB. There is a way we do it that the system automatically drops off the people you don’t want to work with.

The beautiful thing about all this is that you have more leads and prospects than you have time. I can show you how to do that in our next perpetual urgency recruiting online class.

3. The Urgency Factor

With this one, you can easily remove empty promises. You can also remove those prospects that want to ask for permission from their wives, dogs and broke cousins.

The truth is that decision making is hard for most humans. Sometimes they will pretend like some type professional that should do research. BULONI!

The society also raised most of us like that. We are NOT suppose to make major decision without ‘knowing it all.’ Does that even exist. Who or what “know it all?”

Don’t we all have limited information to decide….



The reality is that people will join your business when it feels right. The keyword is “feel”. Urgency is one of the factor that can alter the feeling in a good way of course and help your prospects make QUICK DECISION.

There are 2 ways that urgency can kick in.

The first one is for the prospect to feel a strong connection between the presentation with their present need.

It’s just the right timing.

The second type is what I call the perpetual take away. Without their personal connection with a real need, there is actually something with serious monetary value that they will (not can) lose every second that they don’t join.

I like this one better because I am not a therapist or psychology. Honestly, the less I have to deal with people emottions personally the better.

This is what I call Urgency Engineering and I like the numbers better because numbers don’t lie. Also, every one understands simple numbers and not complicated numbers like EMOTIONS. Crap like “How much closer are you to a decision now?“.

You want them to say “I WANT TO JOIN NOW!”

To conclude, I believe that systems duplicate and what I just shared with you is a system. The human factor can mess it up. If you have learned some bad strategies, you are probably struggling.

You probably should print this out and us it in your business as a guide.

Share your thoughts and questions, and I’ll “see” you in the comments!