At What AGE Can You Wholesale Real Estate?

So there’s are lots of new kids on the block… entrepreneurship that is.

My children are actually some of them.

Even my sons are getting into that stage where they are just a lot smarter than I was when I was their age.

And that’s just where we are as a generation.

So we have a lot of new teenage entrepreneurs.

Back in the days, they sold lemonade in front of the house,

…but these days these kids are learning a lot more.

They want to know at 14 and 15, “can I start wholesaling real estate?”

The answer is “yes” but there’s some restrictions I should point out.

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There are some things, not restrictions per se, to be aware of.

When it’s time to cut a check from the title company, depending on what state you live in, 

…there may be restrictions to cutting a $30,000 check for a 15 year old.

So because of that, you probably want to involve your parents and say,

…“Hey, this is what I’m involved in. I’m looking for deals. Come on, Dad. Would you like to purchase properties if I find a good deal?

I mean the way our system is set up, anyone can literally pay a few dollars and learn this stuff.

So learn the skills and then let them know.

Mom, I’m actively campaigning. I’m looking for properties right now. Dad, would you like to take a look?

You should involve and carry them along because again, when it’s time to cut the check, the title company would want to know,

Are you 18? You’re not 18? We need a parent.


Because that money you’re about to make, somebody must pay taxes on it and it’s not gonna be the title company.

It’s not gonna be a minor under 18 either.

So you just want to involve them and just bring them along.

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Even though you’re the one running the business.

Hey Dad, this property is worth $400,000, I just found a property for $150,000. Would you like to take a look? It needs $20,000 worth of work.

Of course, there’s no restrictions to how old you have to be to call a homeowner (By the way, I don’t recommend cold-calling).

But to send a text message and say,

Hey, you own this property at 123 main streets?

Are you open to an offer?”,

…or setting up a campaign on Facebook,

But then again, to set up a business account or a campaign on Facebook you probably need an adult.

Just keep that in mind… you may need to have a parent or a guardian who is older than 18 and can help you with a few things. 

The truth of the matter is that this is entrepreneurship.

This is about building an empire and there’s no age that you have to be before you can start.

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You can start as soon as you can comprehend what we teach when it comes to Smart Real Estate Wholesaling

…the Five Stages of it and how to operate the processes and the system that makes up those five stages.

As soon as you can comprehend that, you are ready to go.

Frequently Asked Question

At what age can you wholesale real estate?

In most or all states of the United States, the age requirement to sign a contract is 18 years of age but you can facilitate the running of a wholesale real estate business.

How can I legally wholesale real estate?

In most states of the United States, full disclosure of your intentions in networking and partnership with other investors to acquire properties is all that is required to wholesale real estate legally.

Do you need an LLC to wholesale real estate?

You do not need an LLC to wholesale your first real estate deal but like every other business, you should setup an LLC as soon as you can; provided the process doesn’t get you stuck.

How much money can I make wholesaling real estate?

You can make as much money as as your work investment permits you and your marketing skills. Personally, I have made as high as $82,000 from one deal.

Is wholesale real estate worth it?

Wholesale real estate is only worth as much as your mindset and marketing skill-set. It is not worth it if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme even though you can get rich fairly quickly.

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