005: 2 STEPS… the best network marketing companies to join and work for in the world

How do you define the best network marketing companies? I may have a bad news for you on this episode. Trust me; it’s for a better future.

I’ve been around this profession for a minute and I have a good idea of what you are “REALLY” searching for.

I’ve seen people come and go. I am what you’d consider ‘the last man standing’.

I can bet $2,000 that what you think you are looking for is not necessarily the best network marketing companies. Let me take a ‘not so wild’ guess.

You are struggling to build your network marketing business. However, you are catching the idea that your present network marketing company is to be blamed for it.

If this is the case, I can feel your pain. I’ve been there.

What I found after a few years of struggling is that joining the best network marketing company has very little if not none to do with your struggle. Most of it has to do with your ‘skill set’.

Let me guess…

Your company has a video presentation somewhere online right?

If your particular network marketing company does not have an online video presentation that you can invite prospects to watch, then I can’t help. You need to change companies.

FACT: Most of network marketing companies have this in different shapes and form. Let’s focus on the skills that you need to win in the game of network marketing regardless of what company you join.

Before I get into that… let me clear up a few ‘lingo’ business killers.

What are the best network marketing companies to work for… to work for?

In network marketing you don’t work for anyone. This is entrepreneurship. I notice that people have been sold into the business with all kinds of twisted languages. Let me help.

The phrase ‘work for’ will only create a non-productive expectation in you and your team mates. That’s one of the many reasons people keep looking for the best network marketing companies.

In my opinion, that concept doesn’t exist. We can talk about the oldest network marketing companies. However, company age has ZERO correlation with how good the company is.

It definitely has no relationship whatsoever with how fast you can build your income and your business.

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So, what are the best network marketing companies to join?

The word ‘join’ is okay but I’d rather you start thinking of your relationship with your network marketing company as a partnership. There are few reasons why you should do that.

Be aware that the income from the network marketing business model is directly proportional to your productivity and nothing else. In fact, no one knows who you are until you start producing.

High performance and production in network marketing is very simple

…but it gets very hard when you focus on the wrong outcomes. Focusing on the wrong outcomes many a times comes from the wrong choices of words.  Here are 2 examples and their interpretation:

  1. Working for a Network Marketing Company = They owe you wages based on hours worked [WRONG]
  2. Joining a Network Marketing Company = You own a piece of the company [WRONG]

So instead of worrying about what are the best network marketing companies in the world, I want to give you a few tips to create the best network marketing business in your world.

The secret to doing that is network marketing 2.0

I have to tell you… too many network marketers are closed minded. Closed mindedness is not a characteristic of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are open and free minded individuals who dared to dream big.

With network marketing 2.0:

  • You are set free from the bondage of an ‘over-glorified unpaid sales job.’
  • You get to take full ownership in input, effort, income and outcome of your business.
  • You are building your own business (owned 100%) and your business can partner with any network marketing company you choose without losing control.
  • You get to decide what the best network marketing companies are.

Network Marketing LeadersPLUS… You are building and selling yourself as a leadership brand as opposed to posting links about a network marketing business opportunity all over social media.

If your prospects don’t see YOU as the leader that can take them to their DESIRED destination, they won’t join your network marketing company even if it’s Google.

Haha… imagine Google creating a network marketing compensation plan. It won’t matter because people don’t care about making money as much as we’d like assume in this business.

People just want to have a good time.

That’s all they care about.

You are in a people’s business.

You don’t sell juice or whatever you thought you were selling. That’s the job of the network marketing companies.

Let me help you simplify your job description in a way that will allow you to create your own best network marketing companies rank. How is that?

You are a “recruiting partner” for your chosen network marketing company. Your referral for prospects to buying into a network marketing deal is a recommendation after the fact.

So the question now is, what would make a prospect listen to your recommendation?

Check this out…

What would make you listen to a medical recommendation from an individual? They would have to be a medical practitioner.

In the same token, you have to become some type of expert in order to recommend a money making opportunity to a prospect.  It’s easy to become an expert.. the hardest part about it is ‘commitment’.

As an expert, your ideal prospect would be:

  1. Searching already or
  2. Struggling in the journey already.

Dealing with anyone outside of these 2 categories is a true sign of amateurism.

Some would say the best network marketing companies for any individual are the companies that sell products that the prospect can relate to. But then, that would create the argument of what the product is.

What is the “REAL PRODUCT” in network marketing?

It lies somewhere between lifestyle and people. I am sure your network marketing company product is the best in the industry per your founder(s). But it doesn’t matter if you want to become a top earner.

So I want to leave you with the 2 steps in place of searching for the best network marketing companies to work for, join or partner with:

  1. Become an expert in selling lifestyle and building people.
  2. Lead with your leadership brand and stand out from the crowd of failing network marketers.


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