What Does Wholesaling Real Estate Mean… in the FAST CHANGING DIGITAL ERA

So what does wholesaling real estate mean in this digital age?

It depends on which one you are among these 2 types of wholesalers in the market right now.

  • Analog Age Wholesaler
  • Digital Age Wholesaler

For the analog age wholesaler, they basically walk around town and Facebook groups complaining how much there are no deals for the cash buyers on their dead list.

For the digital age wholesaler, they have basically taken advantage of the level playing field on the digital media.

They have realized that the traffic of prospects attention has shifted completely online.

These wholesalers continue to close deals but even better and more importantly…

  • Build a massive brand that prospect trust
  • Build a massive list of ever growing buyers list

It’s no secret anymore that everyone in America is one way or the other connected to someone who is either an aspiring or existing real estate wholesaler.

So the space as we knew it is evolving.

Many people will be left behind because of the simple fact of the inevitable: CHANGE.

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