What is MICRO FLIPPING in Real Estate?

Question: “What is MICRO FLIPPING in Real Estate?”

Micro Flipping in Real Estate is a term that I coined.

…but there’s a good chance that there’s these other kids that coined it and they created a product around it.

They are called connected investors, you know they are out there.

 But I remember that, a while back like a few years ago, I think around 2016 or so, 

…I created a video just of the term “Micro Flipping Real Estate”.

I thought it was Real Estate that’s all because about 11 years ago (2009), I learned the concept called “Attraction Marketing”.

It’s something that I have applied in my business, it’s basically a leverage point.

A really really sleek leverage point that allows you to produce more, with less resources.


That’s something that I teach heavily inside of myEmpirePro.

Just in case you follow me, you know I’m obsessed with leverage.

You know that if there’s a way you could do it with less resources, I would do that.

Hence, the reason why I don’t teach things like cold calling.

Even though I know how to.

If you search with this same channel you will see me cold calling live. 

I know how to, I can close deals but it’s not about that.

It’s not about what I can do, it’s about what can get done in the shortest amount of time, with less resources  called leverage,

…because if I don’t pay attention to that,

Then my competitors which are basically new people coming into the game everyday will basically catch up to me.

Everyone can pick up the phone and start cold calling, everyone can do that.    

So meaning, there’s a low barrier entry there that means there’s a higher chance the competition will increase that much more.

I have always been obsessed with the idea of using technologies.

Real Estate Investing and Real Estate Wholesaling using technologies essentially is what Micro Flipping is.

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And it’s not just isolated technologies,

…what I mean by that is that, sometimes a new tool comes out,

as long as it’s a low barrier of entry like if it costs $10, that means anyone can come into it.

Then it’s just gonna be watered down only a matter of time.

That’s why 11DaysChallenge  is going up in price significantly.

Hence why even the book is not gonna be available for download for free soon because once everyone and anyone can access it anyhow,

…without doing so much work or investing anything,some kind of resource, it gets watered down.

We’ve got to put some price on it because when people don’t pay, they also don’t pay attention.

So back to Micro Flipping,

Micro Flipping is simply using technology but I don’t mean isolated technology.

Meaning, technology that can expire very soon or at some point.

I’m talking about perpetually, always looking about “what’s the next new thing”.

Everyone is doing this right now, that means there’s an opening somewhere because mankind,people or your ideal prospects are also moving.

So they are moving their attention somewhere else if there’s so much attention here, basically what happens is,

…Like Facebook, everyone is kind of like “I don’t wanna go there anymore” and you see a bunch of ads.

You still use it but now more people are migrating to Instagram and then to Tiktok, then to Snapchat.

It’s the same thing in real estate.

The idea of paying attention to that is what Micro Flipping is.

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How you can use technology and continue to perpetually evolve with technology when it comes to real estate investing.

That’s what it’s all about and that’s something we focus on heavily here.

Now the connected investor guys, they put together like some kind of community where they claim that they have investors ready to buy.

The truth is that the best investors that are gonna buy your deal, there’s public records showing that they already bought deals.

So don’t get sold too much on that.

At the end of the day there is still gonna be extra stuff to learn beyond the technology itself.

The point I’m making there is that Micro Flipping is an ever evolving thing.

It’s the idea of just perpetually being obsessed with the idea of leverage in your  business of real estates. 

But if that’s what you are looking, you wanna make sure you are on the edge,

…you wanna make sure you are ahead of the curve always,

That’s what we do here in myEmpirePRO.

Speaking of, I just finished taping Facebook Marketing for Real Estate.

11Days Challenge to Facebook Ads the Real Estate Investors Edition.

I just finished that so hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow, it’ll be up for the members so you can start.

For the Premium Members.

And as far as if you are not a premium member, you just wanna pay for it one time, we will be putting that together as well too.

But it’s 11Days Challenge just like everything else.

In 11Days you’ll get all set up.  

If you’re looking for mentorship or education about this whole process, please go to 11DaysChallenge.com right now.

We’ll see you on the next one.


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