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What is Real Estate Wholesaling & Wholesaling Houses?

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So what is real estate wholesaling?

It is a business model or strategy that allows a person to make lucrative profits by simply finding motivated sellers and discounted properties for real estate investors

Using real estate wholesaling, anyone can engage in real estate investing without needing his/her own cash or credit.

During this live session, I am going to go live and do live prospecting as the gateway to real estate wholesaling for massive profits.

Real Estate wholesaling basically starts with putting houses under contracts at 65%

…of its after repair value minus estimated cost of repair and selling the rights to the equitable interest in the property at 75% of its after repair value minus estimated cost of repair.

The spread between the 65% and 75% of the after repair value becomes your fee as a marketer and for securing these types of deals for real estate investors.

It’s your responsibility to use comparable (comps) to determine the after repair value of the property and to estimate the cost of repair.

Why would anyone want to sell you this properties at 65% and lower?

1. The property is distressed

2. The property ownership is distressed

3. All of the above and motivation to get rid of the property.

However the first step to real estate wholesaling is to find this deals.

This is one of the most effective and cost effective strategy.

Cold calling and prospecting distressed home owners that are listed in public records such as preforeclosures, probates, tax defaults and more.

Enjoy watching as I demonstrate in this series.

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