[Part 6 of 7] Facebook Ads for Real Estate Investors 📍 HOW TO TRACK YOUR CAMPAIGN | Wholesale Ads

QUESTION ⁉️ “After setting up a wholesale real estate facebook ads campaign, how do I ensure and measure success without having my life saving wiped up?”

In this edition of the Facebook Ads for Real Estate Investors series, we will talk about measurable metrics and key performance indicators to monitor and use to control the campaign for success.

(1) Objective/Results Metrics
(2) Reach – # of People
(3) Impressions – # of Times Seen
(4) CPM – Cost Per 1,000 Impressions
(5) Link Clicks
(6) CTR – Click Through Rate
(7) CPR – Cost Per Results

This is Facebook advertising and Instagram marketing for real estate investing and wholesaling. This is for you if you agree that that “driving for dollars” barely works for anyone.

In the series we cover the details of the 7 steps of Facebook advertising campaign execution as outlined here:

1) Market Research
2) Data & Audience Creation
3) Landing Page & Funnel
4) Ads & Creatives
5) Setup Your Campaign
6) Track Your Campaign
7) Optimize Your Campaign

Wholesale Real Estate Facebook Ads