Wholesale Real Estate UK – Flip U.S.A Houses from the UK for $7,000 – $25,000 a Piece

In this lesson, you will discover the secrets to flip and wholesale United States real estate from UK or any where with just a laptop

… all without needing any capital, US credit, work permit or real estate license.

As you know, we live in a global village now

And that means you can conduct a smooth business empire anywhere with a laptop and an internet connection.

The Truth About Wholesale Real Estate in the UK

It doesn’t exist… the term wholesale is still a strange term to many in the UK.

But I am speaking only of the terminology;

People flip houses everywhere around the world where shelter is a basic need.

Mark this down…

I am predicting that a few years from now, it will become a common phenomenon… all thanks to the internet.

However… To wholesale real estate in the UK right now, you would have to find the lawyers/attorneys to create documents and legalities that will be acceptable.

It is not a popular thing yet but that also could mean a massive opportunity with massive risk.

But Here is the Good News.

You do not have to wait for the UK market or take the risk of trying to create a new market because the internet is already here.

And in addition to that, the United States major cities are already ripe markets for wholesale real estate deals that you can serve from anywhere in the world including the UK.

How to Make $7,000 – $25,000 Per USA Wholesale Real Estate Deal from UK

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Here is the goal and purpose of this 5 steps process.

The idea is to make $7,000 to $25,000 from a single deal and be able to repeat that process over and over again.

Let’s assume a property is worth $200,000 after repair in today’s market but it needs $13,000 worth of repairs.


After Repair Value or ARV of $200,000

Estimated Repair Cost or ERC of $13,000

With those two numbers, we are able to calculate a maximum allowable offer (MAO) with this formula.

The difference between the product of the ARV multiplied by 65% and the ERC

[(ARV X 65%) – ERC]

So in this example, the maximum allowable offer will be:

$200,000 x 65% = $130,000


$130,000 – $13,000 = $117,000

The maximum allowable offer (MAO) to purchase this property from this seller will be $117,000

How Much Can You Make with Wholesale Real Estate Deals in the USA from the UK?

With this example, an actual investor on the ground would not want to pay more than 70% of the ARV adjusted with the ERC.

That would make their MAO $127,000.

Since you’ve found and negotiated the deal… all on the internet at $117,000, you get to make the difference which is $10,000.

Check out www.DealEstimator.com for a free tool to help you calculate ARVs and MAOs.

5 Steps of USA Virtual Wholesale Real Estate from the UK.


So in the rest of this complete guide, I reveal 5 steps checklist for you to go through and how you can do so all virtually… all online.

Back in the days, it was harder to transfer value to people when you are not physically present.

But all of that has changed due to the speed, velocity and accessibility of valuable information at everyone’s fingertips literally from anywhere in the world.

Step 1 – Access USA Real Estate Data

As I said earlier, it all starts with access to the information and that starts with data.

In this time and age, you have access to all the information you need, about over 150 million houses in the United States from anywhere in the world.

With the right tools, you can access specific and useful details that indicate distress on a property or property ownership.

As investors looking for houses at wholesale prices and discounts, we target distressed properties and property ownership.

We’ve found over the history of mankind that the level of distress correlates with how much of a discount a seller is willing to offer.

The same thing is applicable in real estate.

For example, you will be able to see details like foreclosure, pre-foreclosures, vacancy status, owner-occupancy, bankruptcy, divorce, tax delinquency and more.

You can take a free trial of the software that I personally use at www.EmpireBIGData.com

It provides unmatched access to detailed property records nationwide.

You can do unlimited searches and it lets you evaluate specific properties.

And you can search a database of over 150 million United States property records.

You will see both on and off market property data that meet exact investment criteria.

And you are able to analyze and reverse engineer to:

– Target motivated sellers

– Find cash buyers

– Accurate Market Analysis to calculate ARVs

– …and much more

Step 2 – Find Contact Information for USA Real Estate Owners

In step 2, reality starts to kick in because the data and all the information are meaningless without people.

You see in business, there are 3 core pillars to building an empire.

And unfortunately, data is not one of them.

The 3 core pillars of a business empire are value, automated medium and people.

As I said earlier, you get paid from transferring value to people and that’s super easy today because you have access to information that you can add value to and serve.

So while we have access to all the data we need to find prospective deals, what we actually need are the people to serve.

Who is controlling the property or the ownership of the property?

Establishing contact with the person(s) will be key to moving forward in potentially turning the data to a deal.

You can find their contact information using a process called skip tracing and contact them.

Or you can set up an automated system to have motivated sellers contacting you which is my personal preference.

Again, www.EmpireBIGData.com also provides add-on services to generate contact information for your select properties.

Step 3 – Generate Motivated Interest to Sell

Once we’ve established contact with a property owner, the next ideal step is to identify an interest in selling the property.

At this stage in the process, a lead is being generated.

Without an interest to sell, the data which may or may not include contact information is not considered a lead.

It is the interest to sell a property that makes it a lead… no more and no less.

Without leads, you have a dead business.

So the life of your wholesale real estate business is fueled by motivated seller leads generation.

And the good news again is that lead generation can be fully operated all online.

Everything else can be outsourced when necessary.

Step 4 – Lock Up Real Estate with Purchase Contracts at Wholesale Prices

So you’ve managed to set up a motivated leads pipeline with a consistent flow.

The next step is to negotiate at or below the maximum allowable offer (MAO)

And lock it in with an assignable real estate purchase contract.

That piece of paper is now worth $10,000 to you based on the illustration I made earlier.

Step 5 – Facilitate Deal Disposition & Closing of the Deal

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Everything before and up to this step in the process is called acquisition which is driven by your marketing skills.

To master all of that step-by-step looking over my shoulder,

check out www.11DaysChallenge.com

…to set yours up in 11 Days.

This stage is called the deal disposition where you will assign the equitable rights to the contracts you acquired in stage 4 to a cash buyer investor.

When you assign it, you get to collect an assignment fee of $10,000 if it was the same exact number as I illustrated in this lesson.

Strategic partnership may be necessary to facilitate the deal disposition and closing of the deal.

But that’s probably not a problem you need to solve until you learn steps 1-4.

Trust me.

There are more than enough people who would be happy to help you with step 5 because you would now be extremely valuable to their business for helping them find deals.


Wholesale real estate is 80% about finding the deals and 20% the rest.

With what you’ve learned in this lesson, you don’t have to wait till all the necessary legalities of wholesale real estate in the UK has been created.

You don’t have to create it either.

It’s now as easy as opening your connected laptop and running a potential United States real estate million dollar empire from the comfort of your UK home.

You would be serving communities of home owners and investors who may never meet you in person and getting paid lucratively for being smart…

…a smart real estate wholesaling professional.

To learn more, go ahead and download my 2 books 



for free at:

For a quick start guide, go to www.11DaysChallenge.com to set up a lead pipeline in 11 days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is wholesale real estate worth it?

That’s up to you and the marketing strategies you engage.

Wholesale real estate is business like other businesses but very lucrative if you can figure our the balancing act of resources and energy investment with your revenues over a period of time.

If done right, it’s a very lucrative business.

How do you buy wholesale real estate?

The first step is to setup a marketing and lead generation pipeline that sources distressed and motivated seller leads.

How much money do real estate wholesalers make?

It depends on the deal but ideally, you can make anywhere from $0 to $82,000 from a single deal based on my personal experience.

What is wholesale in real estate?

Wholesale in real estate is the art and science of marketing to find deeply discounted properties, executing a purchase contract and assigning the rights on the contract to an end cash buyer investor in exchange for an assignment fee.

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