WHOLESALING REAL ESTATE ➡️ Realtors & Subject to Failure with Driving for Dollars

In this video, we talk about wholesaling real estate with subject to mortgage and driving for dollars (NOT). Below are some questions answered in this video.

“I was able to take over a property Subject Too for 5k in California….

My original thoughts was to Fix and Flip it but Now I’m thinking of keeping the property for Myself and pass it on to my daughter.

There is a 97k loan and needs about 60k to rehab.

The reason for this Change of heart is because i live in the BAY Area but the property is 2 hours away in a small town….

I rent a room for $800 in the bay area and have never owned a house.

What do you guys think? Smart to Keep it or Is it a Better business decision to Fix & Flip? By the way….

I have yet to do a deal.


So newbie here. ; Howdy Y’all. I make $300 a week.

Obviously not big money to buy a house.( Not even for myself)

What is the first steps I should take??;


I’m working on closing on a Subject 2 deal, the seller asked if they can still deduct interest from the mortgage since the debt remains in there name.

On the mortgage statement a large portion of the monthly payment represents interest a smaller portion for principle, taxes and insurance.

I’m almost certain that they can not deduct the mortgage interest on there taxes because they did not make the payments.

And because the deed is now in my name.Just wanted to get confirmation that I’m looking at this correctly and clarification from other experienced Subject 2 professionals.

Please help thanks

Sooo yeh if I’m calling about a property from my unlisted number and they have a block on accepting my calls, wth am I supposed to do?

I don’t want these mofos knowing my REAL number;

Is there a work around?


If a seller is potentially interested in working with you
but they currently are working with a realtor…

The seller says the realtor is taking too long and they are ready to sell.

How do you handle it?

1. Can they just get out of the contract with the Realtor?
a. Ethically do you try to convince to wait it out
b. Do you try to get them to work with you?

Out driving for dollars today, have been trying to get in contact with the owner, the number doesn’t work, not delinquent on taxes…What would you do next? I’m still trying to figure this out .newbie”

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