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7 Steps [SUREFIRE] Success Checklist 📍 Wholesale Real Estate

In wholesale real estate investing, we get so many people ask me why they tend to spin wheels but on the result ends, it’s crickets.

After years of going back and forth, no money is made, no deals are closed… or even worst… some have not generated a single quality lead of a motivated a seller.

In this 7 Points Surefire Success Checklist, you will discover a mix of best practices and mindset that creates sales, deals, money and success 100% of the time.

1. Lock in on a 3 months smart/digital plan
2. Track your input progress
3. Don’t tweak with others’ highlights
4. Don’t tweak with one time success events
5. Harvest takes time
6. Get on a 30×3 (90-100 Days) Challenge
7. Consistency is King