Wholesaling Real Estate – The Reality of Abundance

If you want to succeed in wholesaling real estate, you can’t afford to have a scarcity mindset at any level. There is UNLIMITED RESOURCES and ABUNDANCE; the limit is your imagination.

Is that true in traffic as well?

It all comes down to “massive exposure.” When you have daily abundance of traffic of people and leads interested in more information about your offer, you will never have to worry about someone’s reaction or rejection.

That also means that attraction to your products, services and offers will be in the highest level always.

So it needs to become a part of your mindset that “Exposure is Everything.”

You need to have enough that all you have to do is sort through the ruff for the diamond. All you have to do is sort through the duds for the studs and sort through the mass for your leaders.

Trust me; they are not that difficult to spot.

Question from a Viewer about Wholesaling Real Estate

“Hello OLA. I have trouble securing an appointment and I’m not sure why. All I need it one deal to secure my future in wholesaling real estate.

But I can’t seem to get to the next deal after closing my first deal about 2 months ago. Now I’m starting to think that was luck.

I’m getting about 2 or 3 calls in a week and I can’t seem to get them to agree to an appointment.

The last person basically interviewed me and that made me think something may have be wrong with my marketing message as well. I don’t know if I can handle any more rejection.

Enlighten me please.”

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Ola “Tux” Abitogun is the Creator of myEmpirePRO. He became a FULL TIME entrepreneur in October 2006.

He is a computer engineer and an engineering management graduate from New Jersey Institute of Technology; (NJIT) class of 2004/5. He was born in Dallas Texas and raised in Nigeria by his Nigerian parents. He considers himself a proud Nigerian American.

Today, he is a marketing addict, trainer, marketing and business consultant, real estate investor and all around serial entrepreneur. Most importantly, he is husband and father to their 2 Boys. The professional work he is mostly proud of is personally helping 1,000+ entrepreneurs around the world reach greater heights in their careers.

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