Insider secrets to real estate investing and building a real estate empire from scratch like a PRO.

Real Estate Money Secret

From the man who brought you…


…comes the ultimate guide to understanding real estate and real estate investing in plain and simple language.

After exploring the real estate world for more than a decade and closing more than just a few deals in and out of real estate…

OLA Tux AbitogunOla Tux Abitogun has come to the conclusion that the best way for an average person to build his or her network, net worth and wealth is via real estate and real estate investing.

For many people, there is a difference between real estate and real estate investing. We should acknowledge that.

The idea with writing this book is to also bridge those 2 concepts together. REAL ESTATE is just another industry to the mass.

But to me, a few smart ones and you, right now, real estate means money, income, wealth, prosperity, leverage, power, influence, tools, many more and means to so many ends you can think of.

That’s when you start to think of real estate as real estate investing. You can invest money, credit (the only place banks feel free to lend money indefinitely for the purpose of profit) and as little as time.

Therefore, even if you do not have money or good credit, you can start building your network, net worth and wealth with little-to-zero cash involved.

That’s what real estate money secrets cover in plain English with inspiring stories that Ola Tux Abitogun has acquired over more than a decade as examples to simplify it.

In these pages, you will discover…

  • Why your priority is not to buy a home to impress friends but to buy at half the price that others are buying them.
  • Short term strategies to making loads of cash starting immediately.
  • Long term strategies to building wealth and protecting your accumulated money.
  • How to start with nothing and almost nothing to become a behemoth in real estate money skills with simple arithmetic.
  • The secret that 97% of mankind will never know about using real estate without needing to quit a day job that you may love.
  • Real life examples why real estate trumps 401K, stocks, crypto and other investment vehicles in history consistently.

And much more.

“This book is amazing and very beneficial. Ola is very knowledgeable on the concepts at hand. Definitely a great book to read.”

– Stacy A

Real estate investing is a skill-set that OLA has mastered and there is no one better to learn it from. In fact, just few days before launching this book, he closed a real estate investment deal that produced a net proceed of $48,917 in less than 60 days.

He has done it so many times since 2005 and it’s predictable. In fact, it’s a system at this point that you too can copy and paste into your financial profile starting with this book.

The book is available in paper, kindle and audio. Getting all versions and soaking it in multiple time is highly encouraged.

Enjoy it.