Building Empires… Media Agency

Inside our social media and digital marketing agency, our services includes professional consulting on business, marketing and real estate with “DONE FOR YOU” services.   We stay on top of the digital revolution.

Listen carefully…

It really doesn’t matter what type of business you are in today.  You need to stand out because there is so much noise in the market place.  Essentially, you need branding.

If you throw money at marketing or the market place without proper positioning for evergreen and personalized branding, and business attraction, you will lose money.

However, it is extremely easy to make money these days with our services.  In fact, we will ensure that we can deliver results before we sign you up.  We reverse engineer the results you desire.

Our social media and digital marketing services include:

  • Website Design & Setup
  • Social Media Profile Design & Setup
  • Brand & Content Marketing
  • Social Media Campaign Setup
  • Social Media Campaign Setup + Management
  • Search Engine Optimization Setup
  • Search Engine Optimization Setup + Management

*All services comes with brand monitoring and monthly reports.

*No contracts.  You can cancel anytime if you are not satisfied.

The first step and prerequisite to any of our services above is:

  • Brand & Marketing Audit

It’s a requirement before we can take you on as a client and it’s a regular ONE TIME FEE of $997.

However, we presently have a promo going and we will do your Brand & Marketing Audit

…at the price of $997 FREE.

That’s right, we will do the audit for free and spend an additional 45 minutes with you in free consultation before we determine how we will move forward.

To take advantage of this, send us a quick email myempirepro [@] gmail.com