10 Things Required To CRUSH IT in Network Marketing 2.0 Prospecting, Sponsoring & Recruiting

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In your network marketing business prospecting, your success lies in the use of tools.

Network marketing recruiting and sponsoring is a result of effective and efficient network marketing prospecting.

In this episode, I want to break the complication in the game down to 10 things you must have in place to become successful inevitably in your network marketing career. Feel free to use this as a checklist.

These list is designed for people willing to upgrade to network marketing 2.0 of course. We are in the digital age either you like it or not so… N.M.2.0 Upgraders ONLY.

Network Marketing 2.0 gives you permission to organize multiple income streams, and promote yourself as an authority and leadership brand first–making prospecting, sales, recruiting and sponsoring effortless.

If you are missing one of these 10 things, then it should become clear why you are struggling to get to the next level. What is the next level for you? On this platform, we have more than enough training to get you there.

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Unfortunately, the network marketing industry attracts a lot of wussies. That means people that have no business becoming an entrepreneur in the first place.

The “get rich quick” marketing message out there can be quite confusing for many. I personally believe there is only one way to get rich–and that’s ‘QUICK’. But I get that it can mean different things to a wrong mindset.

Getting rich slowly simply does not exist. That’s what broke people preach of course. But that’s understandable. They have to protect their feelings and core beliefs which is what keeps in the same place.

Like I was saying, we do tend to attract people who wants to get rich without a rich mindset. Not going to happen buddy.

It all starts with a healthy desire. Desire is a little stronger than a want.

You have to want change in your financial blueprint bad. Most of the work involved in marketing and prospecting as an entrepreneur is all mind work. Lazy mindset become cry babies at the obstacle points.

network marketing cry babiesIf you are lazy with your mindset, your consistency and focus will suck. People like this always quit on themselves because excuses never stop flowing at its bank. You need a strong DESIRE to win in this network marketing game.


Network marketing prospecting comes with a certain level of rejection and people saying NO to you!

If you can’t see yourself in the goal and result you are looking to achieve (a big and profitable downline organization), you will quit and someone else will reap reward of the equity you built already.

With the help of technology, we will help you reduce the effect of rejection on YOU and your performance level. But I’ve had to deal with people who just could NOT dream about or visual themselves being a top producer and earner.

If the possibility of becoming network marketing prospecting, sponsoring and recruiting superstar does not feel real to you already, you will not achieve it. However, you can fix that right now if you want to.

All you need to do is hang out on this platform and continue to learn everything you can about this subject especially for the digital age. If you are human, what you will find is that, it becomes real and a part of you sooner than you think.

It just makes sense.


We are getting into the network marketing 2.0 prospecting, sponsoring and recruiting arena. This is the new wave and if you don’t pay attention you will get left behind. You need a blog to build your personal brand and authority.

Listen, the average person is going to shy away from doing this. However you are not average or are you? I am sure that you don’t want below average income. If that’s the case, you need to be sponsoring 20 -30 quality reps per month.

If you build a blog, network marketing prospecting, recruiting and sponsoring that attracts 20 -30 business partners per month is effortless. You can do it even if you don’t want to prospect people on the phone.

Blogging gives you PERMISSION to build authority. What do I mean by authority? There is something that your prospect will see and just attach greatness to the idea of working with you.

Here is a Network Marketing 2.0 Prospecting Tip For You

With authority, when you recommend for a prospect to join a business, they don’t ask why. In fact, they don’t have objections.

Note that there is a difference between objections and questions. Questions can be asked before or after joining or buying. They are joining either you have the answer immediately or not. Imagine that!

Objections always come before joining and the right handling of the objection is in fact a prerequisite to joining. As an authority, you don’t get pre-requisite. You pre-qualify the prospect. That’s powerful.

The only way to get this type of authority is through a blog per network marketing 2.0. I’ve seen other people try other ways. Heck, I’ve tried other ways. All the success, I’ve generated outside of a blog were temporary.

So there is no network marketing prospecting system without a blog. I guarantee you.

I do realize that when I say the word ‘blog’, there is a type of person that gets scared. If you are that type of person, you will fall in this 2 sub-categories:

  • 1. You have no business being an entrepreneur.
  • 2. You decided that if a blog need to get done, it gets done… PERIOD

I will allow you to figure out which category you are in. Essentially, you don’t get to not have a blog because network marketing 2.0 sustainable success is a secret hidden in blogging.

All other types of success are temporary and I am a witness to that. Your return on investment is highest in consumable and publicly accessible intellectual property. That’s what a blog is. AUTHORITY AS A BRANDED LEADER!

Setting up a blog involves 5 simple step. At press time, we are in the middle of LIVE free training on how to setup up a blog and continue to maintain it.

After setup, all you need is 60 to 90 minutes per day to build your authority empire. The only pre-requisite to doing this successfully is a strong DESIRE and a CRYSTAL clear VISION. I got your back in the rest.

Here are the 5 foundation setup steps to setting up a 6-7 figure blog.

  1. Acquire a self-branded domain name with a self hosting account.
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    I buy my hosting account at this link (Less than $10
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  2. Install your wordpress blog… It’s FREE.
  3. Install your plugin (All FREE)
  4. Optimize your blog for search engines to send you free traffic (ALL FREE)
  5. Setup a 90 days blitz keyword plan. (ALL FREE)

In our www.AuthorityMasterPlan.com free training series, we walk you through this process step by step PLUS we show you how to get unlimited support through this million dollar journey.

Below is the first part of the series and I also reveal the other 7 things you need to CRUSH it in your network marketing 2.0. ENJOY IT. Here is the complete list in a PDF document.

(NOTE: Want to follow my personal formula to building irresistible brand in the network marketing business making it unnecessary to pitch randomly people on Facebook, my family and friendsever again? PLUS you will discover my Automatic Downline Builder Program. Click Here for INSTANT ACCESS)

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