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Welcome to your free online ARV calculator.

If you don’t have comps, you can…

Generate 3-5 comparable properties for free from EmpireBIGData.com to enter into the calculator below.

The calculator will not accept comps more than 6 months old or more than 1 mile radius from your subject property.


Can you Survive Real Estate Investing & Wholesaling Without This FREE & Online ARV Calculator?

When I first started my real estate business, I wasn’t exposed to the idea of using ARV to set a profit goal.

I almost started the application for a loan to acquire a Belleville NJ property but thank goodness.


Because getting into a business venture without setting goals that can be tracked and measured is a terrible idea.

That’s what the ARV formula represents in real estate investing.

Literally… it removes the blindfold and allows you to approach the real estate business with the knowledge of predictive success.

With the ARV, you can come up with a maximum allowable offer first and then everything else follows after with profits.

Thanks to a few earlier mentors… I was able to learn the ARV formula quickly and soon enough.

These video series break down my mindset on ARV…

Back then, I created my personal ARV calculator spreadsheet on excel.

There was no Biggerpockets or myEmpirePRO to make these tools available on the go.

But these days, all you need is to bookmark this page into a smart device web browser and effectively have access to a ARV calculator app on the go.

So the maximum allowable offer (MAO) that you calculate from the ARV is still an estimate driven by educated opinion but so is a certified appraisal from a licensed appraisal.

The certification only represents insurance and government regulation for consumers but not necessary value for investors.

A real estate investor or a wholesale professional is a producer and is responsible for the evaluation and valuation of any property of interest.

How do you calculate an ARV?

ARV stands for After Repair Value and it is calculated by averaging comparable good and fair market condition property sale prices within close proximity of your subject property without adjusting for the condition of your subject property.

What is the 70% rule in real estate?

After calculating the after repair value (ARV) of a property, some real estate investors adjust for target profit by multiplying the number by 70%.

That’s the 70% rule but other real estate prefer the 65% while some highly competitive market do use as high as 84% rule.

Which ARV calculator is best?

Biased may be… but when we designed this ARV calculator, it was designed to keep it super simple and also to give you access to the most important resources to find even more deals. Finding more deals comes down to your marketing skill set in a digital age.

Are ARV calculator accurate?

All ARV calculators are as accurate as your knowledge and familiarity with the real estate market.

There are nuances that only experience can and will bring but learning how to use an ARV calculator to calculate the after repair value is still the closest empirical way to measure investor success.

How do you calculate 70 rule in real estate?

You can calculate 70 rule in real estate by multiplying the average recent sales of comparable properties within close proximity by 70%.

It’s a method used by real estate investors to structure in their profit goals in the deal.

What does 70 of ARV mean?

70 of ARV stands for 70% of the after repair value (ARV) of a real estate property to determine the maximum cost of acquisition.

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