The #1 Cause of Failure in Attraction Marketing for Network Marketing Recruiting

On today’s episode, I want to talk to you a little bit about recruiting into your network marketing or MLM business using the attraction marketing formula.

It’s going to be fun.

What I’m about to share with you is a big lesson that I’m starting to learn on a daily basis. It’s an ongoing battle.

I have to literally pay attention to this part of my business.

It may sound very simple, but it’s actually a very scary thing to miss this part of the business.

It’s very easy to fall back into the traps of chasing after technology, chasing after the newest and shining object out there.

I want to help you find a balance between technology and attraction marketing.

As of recent, I’m not the one to preach against shiny objects any longer, because sometimes that’s just the journey that you have to get through before you find success.

I want to save you a little bit of time, by sharing this lesson with you.

There is a lot of products, technology products, that’s being sold out there.

I wanted to make sure that you understand the balance between moving forward and technology.

Technology is a great thing.

Using technology in your business, leveraging technology to recruit into your business is a fantastic thing, but like anything else, it’s a double edged sword.

If you’re not too careful, you can find yourself digging holes that you’re only going to get into and get deeper and deeper and never get out of, because actually the success is already on the inside of you.

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When I first started back in 2005 in my business, I didn’t use a lot of technology.

I had an automation mind. I did automate a few things, but quite a lot of the technologies that are available today, I did not use.

I didn’t need to, because I was in the trenches, and I was talking to people.

Funny enough, I was using attraction marketing at the time as well.

This is the biggest mistakes that people will make.

This is one big mistake that people make all the time.

They confuse attraction marketing with technology, with the use of technology.

Let me give you a new flash, those two things are two different things.

Attraction marketing is a totally different thing entirely from the use of technology, the use of auto-responders, the idea of using technology to recruit people in your sleep.

You see, if we remove the whole technology we have today, if we remove the computers, if we remove the internet, you and I can still practice attraction marketing.

Attraction marketing is actually what it sounds like. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Attraction marketing means you are attracting people as opposed to chasing after them.

You are pulling people to you, as opposed to pushing them to do something.

The way we do that obviously is by reverse engineering what they want as compared to what we want.

You, as a business owner, clearly want to be profitable.

You want to build a business.

You want to build a thriving and a viable, profitable business.

Your customers want something too, and unless you stop worrying about yourself for a second,

…and start worrying about what your customers, your potential prospect, your potential customers and your prospects, unless you start worrying about what they want, you will continue to struggle to create a profitable business.

Does that make sense?

What I just said has nothing to do with technology.

It has nothing to do with the WordPress plug-ins, but here is the biggest mistake that most people make.

They get into this world of internet marketing, they get sold on the idea of attraction marketing, which is a fantastic thing, which I absolutely preach, but then they get lost in the middle of technology.

They get lost in the plug-ins.

They get lost in the setting of the blogs. They get lost in the setting of the auto-responders.

They get lost in automation of the prospects in part of the system.

Let me teach you something.

There is nothing ever, that’s ever going to replace …

There is nothing that will ever replace digging deeper and building relationship; authentic relationship with people.

There is nothing that’s going to replace people in your business essentially. In other words, if you’re not a people’s person, but you’re attempting to replace people, you are making a big mistake.

I still deal with people. I still take care of people. I’m still all about people. I’m still building relationship with people and helping people solve their problem.

For the traditional guys, they are pushing people, they are hard selling people to allow them to help them. See, I don’t hard sell, that’s the difference. The only difference is I don’t hard sell.


I attract people to me, but I still deal with people.

If somebody contact me and asked a simple question, no matter how stupid the question is, I answer it.

You know what, it’s a deliberate thing that I do.

For example, somebody just sent an email and then said, “Is this empower network?”

Normally, before now, I would consider that a stupid question, because I felt you should go to the video and find out it’s not empower network.

Today, right now, I take the time and say, “No, it’s not empower network.

If you want to get started with us, here is the link”. The extra engagement means the world.

It means the difference between a million dollar earner and twenty thousand dollar earner. It means all kind of difference.

Don’t confuse attraction marketing with using technology.

Using technology is actually a minimum wage activity.

Attraction marketing is a million dollar earner activity. It’s all in the mindset. It has nothing to do with the technology.

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Ola 'Togun Abitogun
Ola 'Togun Abitogun


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What is attraction marketing formula?

It’s the art and science of using the power of leading with value to attract new clients to your business.

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