Flipping Houses for Dummies

In this episode, I break down flipping houses for dummies. No one is a dummy but if there was, they’d understand flipping houses because it is explained at a 5th grader level.

Imagine a guy called ‘A’ who wants to buy a house at 70-75% of its after repair value (ARV) minus the cot of repair so he can repair the house, list it on the market and sell at 100% value for 25% profit.

That’s one side to flipping houses.

Now imagine another person and let’s call him ‘B’.

He owns a property that he needs to get rid of; a motivated seller.

He doesn’t need to sell it because then, he would have time to sell at top dollars.

The property has become a liability for person ‘B’ and he/she needs to offload it off their books.

They don’t care about walking with any money but would like all liens satisfied during transfer of the deed.

Here is a couple of reasons why a motivated seller exists:

* Preforeclosure

* Divorce

* Probate/Unwanted Inheritance

* Move out-of state.

* Out of state landlord

* Vacant home

* and many more…

In the flipping house business, you could either be the rehabber or the person to find and identify good deals to wholesale to the rehabber.

It’s a very lucrative business model. I was the wholesaler and have done it more than 40 times and I did rehab houses twice.

I averaged a net profit of $25,000 – $30,000 per deal and the highest I have made from a wholesale deal is $82,000

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