How Do I Start Wholesaling Real Estate?

Question: “How Do I Start Wholesaling Real Estate?”

It’s a good question.

Wholesaling means you lock up properties under contract at a price that’s less than what it’s worth in today’s market,

For the purpose of assigning the contract to an end buyer.

You can make a lot of money doing that but I teach Smart Real Estate Wholesaling here.

Meaning, I am doing everything from my laptop from home,

…so you can do more and be more productive and not be at the mercies of everyone joining the business just to “call”.

You want to build a real business behind this.

So, How Do I Start Wholesaling Real Estate?

Honestly it starts with Market Research.

There’s these 5 stages of the process that you need to master.

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If you see other people teaching Real Estate Wholesaling out there, somehow somewhere they may tell you 7 steps, 20 steps or even 2,000 steps,

…it all fits into this, it all starts with Data.

In 2020 and beyond, this is where you need to be at.

That’s how you need to be thinking business, period.

Your business starts with Data Analysis, you need to understand data.


Because every business in 2020 and beyond must be thinking business intelligence.

How else is your business gonna have the intelligence that it needs?

How else other than having access to data.

Not just that, but knowing how to analyze the data or having the tool to analyze data right from your phone or laptop without having to leave your house.

This is how you build business in this time and age.

Everything else some people, I know a lot of trainors or gurus are teaching to over simplify.

To just pick-up the car and just start driving around town.

I get it, they just want you to get started, you will figure the rest on your own after you do research, I get it that part.

But if you come here to this channel, I feel like it’s my calling to tell you that this is a real business.

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The easiest way for you to build the business is to treat it like a business in 2020 and beyond.

It’s Data because you need business intelligence.

That’s the first step, understanding that this is going to be about Data.

After Data, you will learn how to convert data into Contact.

And from contact into Leads, then from leads into Contracts and then finally into DEALS.

You miss any part of these, there is no money because money comes from people.

Then people are on the far extreme, right hand side of the picture above.

Like everything in between, there are ways to actually extract money from everything in between but no one else is teaching it.

I guarantee you, except inside of myEmpirePRO.

They wait until you close your first deal before you make money.

But there are ways to make money before all of that.

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Remember we talk about Micro Wholesaling?

We talk about Attraction Marketing, We’ll talk about Funded Proposals, which I haven’t touched,

…I can’t touch that here right now.

We’ll talk about Self Liquidating Offers, Self Liquidating Business that basically spits money at you at every step in the process through this game, that’s what I’m talking about.

But the question of, How Do I Start Wholesaling Real Estate?

It starts with understanding DATA, and understanding that it’s about data and learning how to analyze data.

Then before you talk about Contact which can either be contact information or the act of contacting homeowners.

Contacting Homeowners, I prefer that they are the one who initiates the contact because the conversation is a lot easier.

That means they found some kind of marketing somewhere that speaks at them, like “okay, I need this person. I need to talk to this person”.

The conversation suddenly goes from being salesy to you’re consulting, you are saying “how may I help you?”,

Some people will tell you “oh you’re looking for easy ways”.

No, it’s not looking for easy ways, it’s looking for ways that’s with the time.

People appreciate the power of choices.

The fact that they made the choice to call you or to contact you, makes them feel at ease because they know that they really need you.

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