Introduction – How I Make $15k Per Sale With DIGITAL MARKETING

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How to Make Money with Digital Marketing

The least money that I make per person that I help get results is $15,000.

I’m not talking about everyone.  I’m talking about per person that I help get results… per clients; 

Not customers but per client and I make that because there are 3 billion people on the Internet.

I don’t want to get into the statistics, because those numbers are continuing to grow.

But the last time I checked, there are three billion people on the Internet across the world and a lot of them use credit cards.

Not only do they use credit cards because that’s the least part of what I’m saying, they actually need what you have to offer and are ready to spend.

There’s something that you know how to do and there’s a result that you know how to help people get.

And some of those people are right now browsing on Facebook, searching on Google and YouTube.

They are everywhere on the Internet; 3 billion worth of them. 

There are about 7 billion people in the world.  But almost half of them are on the Internet as we speak, and that number is growing.

That’s just the era that we live in.  So how am I able to make $15,000 or more per client? 


I learned the skills of laser-targeting the people that are looking to solve a particular problem.

And when I do that, I engage them starting from a very lower level, but also pre-qualifying people until we engage them at a very high level.

But I don’t just try to talk to everyone because, 


Let’s be honest.

I’m not going to be able to help everyone.  Because it’s not ordained to be that way.  I’m not necessarily designed to help everyone.

But there’s someone out there that I’m supposed to help.  And when I help that person make $30,000 because I help them spread the word about what they have to offer, they don’t mind sharing the money.

It’s the same thing for your business.

There’s something that you have to offer that help people get results.  It’s not about helping them make money.

It’s about helping them achieve something that’s worth more than money to them.

For example, one of the niches where we do business is Relationships and Marriage through LOLAandOLA.com.

These things are valuable for people.  There are a lot of people that feel like their relationship is about to end; and that means the whole world for them.

And they will pay you handsomely if you can give them the secret to achieve what they want with respect to whatever it is you are offering like. “relationship” in this case.

So it’s completely up to you.  I don’t know what you build.  

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For example, there’s a good chance that you’re here because you’re looking to build a real estate business.  In that case, the people you serve are either sellers or they’re buyers.

So with that being said…

The reason why I’m able to charge people a minimum of $15,000 is because I am able to help them get more results.

Now, if I use any other form of marketing a.k.a. “traditional marketing” or anything like that, it may be too expensive for me.

Traditional marketing may be too expensive because it requires more resources than I can afford.

The name of the game is leverage.  With the internet, anyone with access to a smartphone, a laptop and the internet can literally build a million-dollar business from the comfort of their home.

I’m not talking about easy.  Easy and difficult are irrelevant.

I’m talking about getting that result because when you help people get that result, life becomes a lot more simpler for them and subsequently for you.

So I’m talking about “simple.”. There are simple things you can do.  Especially if you keep it simple and say,

“You know what? This is a skill set I need to learn. I’m gonna stick to it until I master it.”

It doesn’t matter what business you are in. This is the way forward.  

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  • The way forward is not cold calling.  
  • The way forward is not texting people “unsolicited”.
  • I’m not talking about driving for dollars.  
  • I’m not talking about pestering and bothering your family and friends.

I’m talking about using the skill set that I’m going to teach you in this book to: 

  • Speak to people’s pain and replace it with pleasure.
  • Speak to people’s problems and replace it with solutions.
  • Speak to people’s questions and replace it with answers.

And that’s how I am able to make $15,000 per sale using digital marketing.

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How much money can you make digital marketing?

It depends in what capacity you are engaging digital marketing. You could engage as a business trying to advertise your product and services, as an employee in a marketing department or anything in between.

How can I make money from digital marketing at home?

You can acquire the reseller right to other people’s product or services, create your own product or services, or help a company as an employee in a marketing department to market any of these products and services digitally.

Can we earn money through digital marketing?

Yes you can earn money by acquiring the reseller right to other people’s product or services, creating your own product or services, or helping a company as an employee in a marketing department to market any of these products and services digitally.

How do you get paid for digital marketing?

You can get paid for digital marketing by acquiring the reseller right to other people’s product or services, creating your own product or services, or helping a company as an employee in a marketing department to market any of these products and services digitally.

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