Is Wholesale Real Estate Easy?

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Here is my opinion about anything that is worthwhile in life,

…we are talking about good relationships, good business, we are talking about life, wealth, also good health right?

Having good health, is it easy to eat healthy everyday?

Of course that’s not easy.

It’s not a matter of if it’s easy or not, it’s not relevant.

Easy, hard, difficult…

Those kinds of words are not relevant to anything that’s worthwhile.

So the real question is, is it worthwhile?

Which is the previous question that we answered.

Is it worthwhile for you, it’s personal.

I don’t think easy is relevant when it comes to business.

I think people that end up looking for easy all over the place, they eventually just stay broke.

In fact some of them can close one deal or maybe two, by luck

…and then eventually they can’t last because again, they are looking for something easy.

It’s not just about business, even life.

In life, everything that’s worthwhile to you has took in some kind of resources, investment or some kind of resources like time or money,

…and because you wanted it so bad, it feels like it’s worth it at the end of it but it’s really a feeling, right?

When it comes down to money, if you are making good money and you’re changing your life, you’re making $300,000 or $500,000 a year from a side hustle,

…easy will become irrelevant if it takes you an extra 10 hours per week to figure out how to do it.

And once you figure it out it costs you, maybe 5 hours a week to manage the business to run things and make sure everything is smooth.

Would you call that easy or hard?

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It depends on what part of the game you are in right now.

In the beginning it can seem hard.

Like if I tell you, “Hey learn Facebook marketing” and I tell you in Facebook marketing, you need to know what a campaign, ad set and ads are.

Or even learn how to write a simple ad, that would basically say “hey, I will buy your house, we can close in 10-15 days just let me give you an offer in the next 24 hrs”.

Put something like that on Facebook where people can see it and people can potentially sign a contract with you.

Does that sound easy?

It sounds easy but when you start putting that together you may click this thing and the click did the wrong thing or give you the wrong reaction something like that,

…you may say “oh this is too difficult” and you run away from it.

So it depends on the part of the game but once you figure it out and say “hey, this thing I gotta figure it out. Okay I got lost, I’m confused somewhere but I’ve learned how to ask questions” as opposed to asking for “to cancel” or “to refund”.

It depends on what part of the game you are in, it depends on your mindset basically.


So if you come in to the game and you’re looking for easy, that’s obviously not a mindset that would serve you in the long term,

…but if you come in the game and say “you know what, this may not be easy but it’s gonna be worth it”.

Is it hard?

No, it’s too far from hard.

There is no way what I do is hard, okay.
It’s not hard.

Like these live sessions right here, I was doing it everyday and then I reduced it to 3 days and then eventually I said,okay I can only do it once a week.

Starting next week, I may even say, you know I wanna up it a little bit, I wanna do 5 days a week because I wanna help more people.

I wanna answer more questions, I wanna do some more training and stuff like that.

That’s completely up to me.

There’s no way what I do can be assigned to easy or hard, it’s just completely up to you.

It depends on who you are and where you’re coming from, it depends on your mind set.

From where I am standing right now, I would tell you it’s the easiest thing to do in the world.

Would that be fair to you?

Maybe that’s not fair to you, maybe you’re just getting started,

…but one thing about entrepreneurship in general or anything is that, once you do it once, the second time becomes easier.

Unlike most people’s jobs.

The third time becomes even that much easier.

And then by the time you are doing the seventh time, it’s second nature.

You don’t have to even wake up to do it.

Now if you’re doing it the way I teach you, you’ll learn how to have residual income.

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You’ll learn how to structure residual income, residual input into your business.

Where your business is kind of automated and even when you are hanging out with people online, this video is gonna be live on here for life.

For as long as YouTube gives me a free channel, it’s gonna be hanging out.

That’s called leverage.

If you set up your game or business with leverage, then easy is really relevant because I do this work one time,

…and I get paid, literally get paid or it’s probably more accurate to say I get results from this over and over again for the rest of, not just my life but beyond my life.

There’s no way you can possibly be asking “easy” if you understand the concept of “hey, I get to invest one time but I get to reap out of this over and over again”.

In forms of kind, resources, more resources, relationships, money getting paid, right?

Easy is not relevant, I’m sorry.

It’s the same way I look at relationships too, if some of you know that I teach relationships on the side.

The same way I look at it, if you invest it’s absolutely worth it,

…and easy or hard is not worth it once you understand the reward of it.

It’s not worth it for you to be paranoid and just try to figure out if it’s easy or not, it’s absolutely easy.

It’s easy but maybe you don’t understand me right now because you are at the very beginning.

I am just trying to encourage you that once you get through the first harder part of getting through,

…a little bit of self discipline until it becomes your second nature, then it’s absolutely easy.

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