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On this episode, I want to talk to you about how to come up with network marketing blog topics. You’ve heard it before. You know you’re supposed to be blogging.

You know if you have a business in the 21st century, blogging is a big part of what you do. If you don’t realize that by now, get the memo. Let me tell you something.

If you are trying to build a business and you’re not giving value back into the marketplace, you’re going to struggle with making money from home, from a work place, from an office.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have. You will struggle, if you’re not giving value back to the marketplace by way of consistent and periodical content creation.

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If you notice in this arena right now, you see that user content generation is a big part of the ecosystem. Many people don’t pay attention to that. It’s another reason why a lot of people get frustrated with blogging.

They’re trying to manufacture topics from their own head. When it comes to network marketing blog topics, it’s all around you.

It’s all in what people are dealing with on a daily basis. I want to share with you a few tips on how to come up with network marketing blog topics.

#1 Go online, and check out some of the network marketing blogs and forums that already exist.

What you’re going to find is a variety of topics, a variety of gurus and leaders with a variety of ideas. You’re not just going to copy and paste them into your own blog.

You’re going to have insight about what they’re saying. You’re going to have your own personal God-given insights about what topic is being discussed.

Then you can literally summarize that and share that on your own blog as brand-new topics on a periodical basis.

#2 Another source of blog topics is simply doing a keyword research. You can find a simple keyword research tool by simply googling keyword “planner.” This links to the one I use.

Google has a free keyword planner for you at this link or, simply Google the phrase “keyword planner.” It’s FREE.

All kind of ideas will come up. You may have to login to your google account. Type in the seed keyword phrase “network marketing,” and it will give you an array, thousands of topic and blog topic ideas instantly. That’s the second way for you to come up with network marketing blog topics.

To recap, go to network marketing blogs and forums, and start learning and participating actively in those places.

When you give a comment, that comment can easily become content on your own blog.  Also, there are many network marketing blog sites out there. Many of them look like a regular website, but they have blogs. You may have to go in the menu area and click on “blog,” and you can see ideas that you can blog about.

Beyond that, there’s something called micro-blogs in today’s age. The micro-blogs are the Facebook’s and Twitter’s 130 character statuses. When you read people’s status and engage with them, that can give you ideas on blog topics for your network marketing blog.

Even when people are just ranting about the topic, which is network marketing in this case, you can come up with brand-new network marketing blog ideas. Let people’s discussions do the work for you.

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