The #1 cause of failure in network marketing lead generation activities…

Do you know what is not so easy to come by these days? Quality network marketing lead generation source. Like in every profession out there, it’s the very source of life for any business.

As simple as I think that sounds, I’ve come to realize that I have to drive that point home. I’ve stabbed that into your mind but allow me to twist it a little bit.

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If you are not generating daily leads into your network marketing business, you won’t create results. In other words, you will NOT sponsor anyone and no one will buy or join you in anything.

Hopefully that makes a lot of logical sense.

Network marketing lead generation is one of those things that you can call “simple” but not necessarily easy. There is a mindset you need to have about it to do it properly.

Just yesterday, a gentle man wanted me to tell him the conversion rate he should expect in his leads generation. I don’t blame him, but that’s a very wrong question to ask when it comes to network marketing lead generation.

Asking that question is a setup for your failure. He did fail quite alright because he is not about this life. He decided to move on and that’s perfectly fine. As you should know already, the only way to fail is to quit.

I wish him the best of luck of course.

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Simply put, everyone does not belong in entrepreneurship. So what is the right question to ask? Here it goes?

“What is my cost per lead?”


“What is my monthly budget?”

These are the 2 questions that real entrepreneurs ask.

Network marketing lead generation is perpetual in nature.

It’s okay to be curious and want to know my conversion rate. However, it is very important to note that it varies from individual to individual, from sources to sources, from businesses to businesses and all around.

For example in network marketing online lead generation, there are sources like YouTube, Facebook, Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, Email Solo Ads etc. However not all web traffic are created equal.

The conversion rate of leads from a YouTube Video will be different from that of Facebook. The conversion rate can be different from the same ad on different days of the week.

I have an ad running on Facebook right now as I speak that brought in leads at $1.67 per lead since I started running it which is about 2 months ago but it did $1.88 per lead yesterday.

Today, it’s spent $5.00 and hasn’t generated leads.  This is the reasons why quitters remain losers.  They don’t have the patience to experience $1.67 per lead across board or to make $100 for ever $25 spent like I do.

The variation is crazy and the only thing you can and should control is your consistency and your tolerable budget.  You can also control your determination to never quit.

If I could tell you a “one size fits all” conversion rate, I would charge a minimum of $100,000 for it.

If that exists somewhere, everyone would be doing this business. They’d pay the $100,000 and make $1,000,000 (million) every year. Don’t you think?

When most newbies, especially those who may think they know too much, ask what the sales conversion rate is before they invest in network marketing lead generation, there is a very high chance that they won’t last.

It’s a way to give themselves an ultimatum. Champions don’t do ultimatums. Do you think Michael Jordan gave himself an ultimatum?

A lot of top earners have to go through up to 9 different network marketing companies before they finally breakthrough. Why do you think that is? There is no ultimatum anywhere. Quitting is just not an option.

Do you have to go through 9 companies? No you don’t. But you should…

“Avoid setting your mindset up for failure by asking for ultimatum driven proof of success.”

Instead, ask your mentor for the inputs you need to invest to put the law of averages and number in your favor. Worry about what you can do for your business and not what the business can do for you.

If you were to ask me for the number 1 proof that my network marketing lead generation systems works, I would tell you it’s right here.

You are here right? EXACTLY!

The fact that you are here is a proof that my network marketing lead generation strategies work.

So even if you decide not to subscribe to more of this high valued content, it’s a numbers game.  That would be sad but frankly, it doesn’t matter at the end of the day.

Your network marketing lead generation activities need to be treated as a numbers game. It doesn’t matter what company you use, consistency is required. That’s the one thing you should never stop.

Leads are people just like YOU and I. The biggest respect you can give them is to treat network marketing lead generation as a numbers game. It’s an assumption that timing is different for your prospects.

But timing is always NOW for YOU of course.

When someone subscribes to your list audience as a lead, use a  system that allows them to get to know you.

  • That may take just the next hour on a regular introductory sales letter.
  • It may take the next week after an online webinar workshop.
  • It may take 2 years. People buy from me all the time after being subscribed for up to 2 year.

It may take anything in between or more. Your job as an entrepreneur is to perpetually attract new leads and serve those with right timing when it comes.

When you invest in network marketing lead generation, it’s a one time expense of attracting each individual customers and business partners that will keep paying you. That’s priceless.

Building a list of leads that you can market to for free for life is priceless. But you have to understand the mindset of a farmer. Everything is seasonal. If you don’t get that, you will be the only predator of your crops.

One fact does not vary. Every successful top earner engages in perpetual network marketing lead generation and they never stop. That’s your queue. That’s your proof. That’s all you need to know.

They don’t say things like “I generated 200 leads already and no sales yet, I need to stop.”  That’s a losers’ language.

That’s what losers say and I mean that in the most respectful way. That’s the intensity of that losers type of mindset in network marketing lead generation. Don’t do it.

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