The PROs & CONs of generating leads from network marketing magazines

On this episode, I want to talk to you about generating leads from network marketing magazines. I have some experience with this and I wanted to share with you what my experience went like.

By the end of this episode you will have some good information to know if you should go after generating leads and more prospects for your business from a network marketing magazine.

There are quite a few of them out there. There is the:

  • Home Business magazine
  • Success magazine
  • Home Business Advertiser.


There is quite a few of them out there. Here is what you are going to find in most of those magazines. You may find 1 or 2 articles, maybe 3, maybe up to 5, I don’t know.

But most of the magazine is going to be other MLM’s, other network marketers advertising their own deal. There is nothing wrong with that.

More of what I want to share with you on this episode is how much it costs and is it cost effective for you. Is that the best use of your money.

About a few years ago when we started, we were doing mostly search engine optimization to generate traffic and leads for our business. You can find more information and a free training right here on our blog under the SEO for network marketers category

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Anyway we were using a 100% free search engine optimization. It is not exactly free because we had to purchase tools to do many of these things. We were using that to generate most of the traction, traffic, and the success we were achieving.

At one point we realized that we had to get to a point that we have to scale up the business, the results we are getting form the business, and that made us start to look at other avenues of generating traffic and leads.

If you are generating 100 leads per day from Google for free, you can not just turn around and say today I want 200.

Let me explain further, if you knew 100 clicks per day is bringing you $1,000 per day, why not generate 200 clicks tomorrow, if you could?

Of course, the natural thing for a marketer and a business owner like you and I, is to simply scale up. If you can get 100 clicks and make $1,000, just get 200 clicks so you can make $20,000. Does that make sense?

Let me repeat that, I just multiplied/scaled up by 2. If you can generate 100 clicks so you generate $1,000, you might as well just generate 200 clicks and generate $2,000.

Scaling certain type of lead generation strategy is not possible. One of them is search engine. At least not in short term. You cannot just decide that tomorrow I want more.

Maybe you can scale up over time if you have that kind of patience. If you have that kind of attention span in the business, you probably can scale up over time, but that is not the case for many people. That was not the case for us definitely.

We decided that we wanted to scale up. we wanted to start buying traffic, which is the fastest way to build your business.

This is the closest thing to entrepreneurship because you are literally spending investment, and you are literally understanding the meaning of “Return on Investment.”

You have to invest something first. Yes, you can invest time, but half of the time we invest time, there are so many other factors in our life, and we cannot really scale that, because that involves you personally.

So, we decided to start buying some space in the network marketing magazine. The first one we tried out was Home Business Advertiser, I think. It cost around $600 to $700 to lock in a whole page.

Essentially when people want to try something out, what they do is they just try it out, if it does not work the first time, they stop. Guess what we did. That is exactly what we did. That is the natural thing for most people to do.

That is why I cannot blame people when they try something once and it does not work. Although, the real truth of the matter is that everything we have done successfully up to this point has been because we did not just stop at trying once.

For example, this blog that you are on right now at press time has 328 indexed pages on Google. We did not stop at 1, 2, or 3 blog posts. Anything that is going to create substantial result is not going to just happen the first time you try it.

You are going to have to be determined that it is going to work. You are going to see some obstacle and you are going to be determined to overcome the obstacles. That is the way it is going to work. In anything in life.

We tried advertising in home business advertiser; a network marketing magazine distributed to 25,000 readers per issue.

The same rules apply in magazines. If you advertise in a magazine at $600, you probably expect to make $600 back, hopefully. The only way that is going to happen is if you actually get a customer who pays a lot of money and joins something, then boom.

Is that going to happen for every time you try it the first time? No it is not. For an average person who advertises in a magazine, it is not going to happen like that for them. You can trust me on that.

That is exactly what happened. We did not make any sales. I think we generated 20 leads from. Imagine, if you do the math, you generate 20 leads from $600, that is about $30 per lead.

You cannot do that too long. If you do that long enough, you can go broke and lose your shirt. If you can run indefinitely and treat this like brand marketing , you can actually make a whole lot of money; depending on how deep your pocket is.

If you do not have a very deep pocket when it comes to marketing budget, it is not a very smart idea because it requires the same concept about everything in business. You have to do it more than once. If you do not do it more than once, there is a very high chance that the first one is not going to bring the result.

The way network marketing magazines distribution work is this….

When people receive them, they do not necessarily go through them. I receive them here all of the time, ever since we became a customer for them.

As a matter of fact, the guys still contact me from time to time trying to get me to buy an ad space in the magazine, but I am telling you right now, from my experience, it depends on how deep your pocket is.

If you are going to do anything with network marketing magazine, you only want to use it for brand marketing purposes.

In the short term, advertising in network marketing magazines is good for branding. In the long term, it can generate a lot of leads because you have to understand, like I was saying, people receive the magazine and dump it on the table. They may not necessarily go through it for a while.

The more magazines you are featured in, the better. The more you are sitting on somebody’s table, you may be generating leads from it for years to come. But the question is, “can you wait?” That is the real question.

Do you want to wait around to start generating leads years from now, after spending $600 multiplied by, I think they print about 5 times per year, you are looking at about $3,000 right off of the bat, right there.

You do not know what you do not know. What I would suggest is this, if you are going to try to generate leads from a network marketing magazine, understand that it is a long term thing.

It is not something you are just going to do one time, and get this big fancy customer that paid you $50,000. 90% plus of the time, it is not going to happen.

I want you to pay attention to that when you are deciding if you want to run ads in a magazine. Make sure that your budget can handle consistency. It is kind of like the same money that big companies would throw at advertisement on a billboard on the highway.

Who is looking at a billboard? Who is becoming a customer from a billboard. Probably not a lot of people, but it is good for branding. Big companies advertise on there for a reason. It is good for a reminder.

There is something called the big mega banner blindness and that is what is going to happen. Most of this type of advertising are good for branding and long term leads generation; network marketing magazines is no different.

That is my insights on using network marketing magazines to generate leads. If you have that kind of pocket, sure go for it. If not, save your money.

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