Where to find the best “network marketing news” for full success perspective

Today, I want to give you access to my main source of network marketing news. You know, the best place to go right now is mlmbrothers.com and click blog at the tops. It’s our legacy blog. You can get an update everyday on what’s going on in the industry.

You may be asking, “Why network marketing news? Why would you need to see what’s going on?”

It’s a very important thing to do because there’s no industry or profession that you go to that does not have some kind of association or event for the top producers. It’s actually another reason why you must be plugged into events as much as you can.

Network marketing news falls under that category. You need to know what’s going on in your particular industry. See, there’s something called “market shift,” in every profession or any and every industry.

There’s something called “updates”. They are entirely brand new animal, all entirely changing from year to months to minutes to the second. Sometimes, your success is embedded in another person’s success story in another MLM company.

When you see what’s going on in the industry, even with other companies, it helps you put a full blown perspective to this business as related to your success.

A lot of times when I ask people, I say, “What company are you in?” They tell me their company, but some of them don’t even know that their company is a part of network marketing.

Some of them don’t even realize that there’s a big old industry outside of their own companies and that’s understandable. I didn’t too when I first got started.

I didn’t know that there were other companies until I started to encounter other people trying to sell me their own opportunity and then I started to realize that…

“Wow. It’s a big ol’ world of MLM out there.”

Yes, when you’re talking about context, It’s a small community actually. You’ll find out very soon that it’s a very small community, but before all of that, some people think it’s a lot more smaller than it is in terms their own company’s 10,000 active fleet of reps.

Again, pay attention to context and perspective. There are quite a few companies out here. Mother of all of them, of course, is the big “A”, Amway. You have the Herbalife, which are still some legacy companies out there.

You have USANA. You have some of the newer ones, like TLC–Total Life Changes. You have Empower Network, which turned out to be an MLM company. We all thought it was an internet marketing training company at first.

There are some brand new ones out there. There are some new opportunities coming up on the scenes and there’s a lot of them.

You should pay attention to what’s going on, not with just the companies but also with the numbers. What kind of revenue is the network marketing arena as a whole pulling?

Also, when you pay attention to network marketing news, you can see some of the top earners in the industry and the milestones they are achieving.

  • It’s a good thing.
  • It’s motivational.
  • It increases your possibility.

Once you start to realize that you have a human brain in your head and it needs motivation from time to time, your success becomes even more inevitable.

Once you start to realize that you have a human brain in your head, you realize that it requires a certain level of motivation to stay on the game because, think about it…remember that one day when you got very excited about an opportunity,

…but on the second day when you woke up, just two days from the original excitement, you realize that “Hum, I don’t feel that way anymore.”

A lot of times, you could make a conscious decision like that, that you don’t feel that way. Most of the times, it’s subconscious or very unconscious. You just find yourself phased away to the sidelines.

You don’t want to be one of those, do you? I’m sure you can relate. I’m sure you had them joined your team. They don’t quite because they are bad people. Not because they’re not even hard-working people.

…Just because this whole thing fall on the sidelines because the motivation faded away. LIFE HAPPENED. Because of that, you need to be careful.

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If you are are still listening to me right now, it’s because you are destined for success in this business. One of the best ways to keep that that same way is to pay attention to:

  • Network marketing news and updates.
  • Milestone information releases
  • Press releases.
  • Direct selling association news
  • Profession and industry wide updates.

You need to do those things because when you do, you stay on top of your game. Guess what? The best medical doctors out there are connected to their association and they know what’s going on in the game.

The best business person in your neighborhood is connected to the county and the city. They know what’s going on with some of the business organizations around them such as chamber of commerce and others like that.

I’m not the best at these things, but I try my best and I’m going to keep trying. As a matter of fact, as I’m talking about it right now, there’s some opportunities that I need to get acquainted with in my local Woodbridge area here.

I’m going to be doing that very soon. The best people in any profession pay attention to what’s going on with the associations, at the events, with the news as related to what they are trying to achieve.

Network marketing news gives you full perspective and its related directly to your success.

You only have two eyes and they both see one vision together. Think about it. But you can see it all by increasing your vision and perspective. You can increase your perspective about this business by simply paying attention to what others are saying about the business.

That’s why listening is an important thing. That’s why it’s important because you can pay attention to what people are saying about any particular topic and then that increases your own vision and perspective.

By simply (not just hearing) listening, you become more intelligent. That’s why I’m telling you right now. The topic that I come up with for this podcast are being generated because I’m listening to YOU and other.

I’m actually NOT creating any of them from scratch. Chances are, you’re here because you are looking for network marketing news.

But, guess what? If you are a subscriber already, you now know for the first time that you should be paying attention to network marketing news because if you’re not, you’re going to miss out. If you’re not, you’re going to be short-sighted about the business.

If you’re not listening, all you’re going to have is just that one vision, which is yours and that’s just not going to be good enough to create the kind of results you’re looking for.

More importantly, the top earners and top producers are being featured on some of those news platforms. You should pay attention to them. You should know who the top earners are. You should know who the top producers are even in other companies.q

…Not because you’re going to be chasing them around with a phone or trying to join their team, because you’re going to pick up nuggets by simply paying attention to their story.

Many of them have YouTube channels. Many of them have blogs that you can start logging in to. You can subscribe to it. You can pick up nuggets here and there that will help in your journey.

Now, that can pose to become a shiny object distraction so you have to be careful. I follow a lot of people and I’ve had to be careful.

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Just a few days ago, I went through a brand new platform entirely. It was so enticing. It felt so good. I was like, “This is some pretty neat stuff.”

I was tempted to throw a couple of thousand of dollars at that again and I was like, “No, I need to stay focused.” Because, at the end of the day, you need to stay focused.

Sometimes, making that move is exactly what you need to do because if what you’re doing at the moment is not generating the results you need to generate, then you should make that move.

If you’re not getting the kind of results you require in your present, it’s a viable reason to switch gears. You need to pay attention to network marketing news.

If you’re looking for network marketing news just go to mlmbrothers.com. We update it with at least a piece of news 4 – 5 days a week. It links to my own personal main network marketing news source from there as well.

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