If I had to choose ONE tool, I would choose this network marketing software…

Who wouldn’t want to build a team with a network marketing software? After all we are in the digital age. I wish we can just sit back and watch a software do all the work.

But there is problem.

The product itself are people. If you sponsor a bunch of people into your business with a software, I guess same people can sponsor people using the same software.

This sounds pretty cool. But there is no such thing as a software that does it all in network marketing.

However there is something similar to the idea of a network marketing software. I want to share it with you on this episode.

Essentially, your job as a network marketer is to recruit new reps and build a team; a distribution channel for your network marketing products. That’s what it all comes down to.

The bigger the network you build, the bigger your commissions are. We don’t have to get overly romantic about it. Recruit people and show them how to use a system to do the same.

It’s probably easy to use today’s technology or some type of network marketing software to recruit. But there is a problem.

The faster you can build, the faster attrition tends to grow.  The more technology we have in this world, the lower… attention span gets. So if one is not careful with the use of technology, it would have a negative effect of the business.

I love technology and I use them a lot. You do too because that’s how you gained access to this information. But just like everything else in life, there is a limit.

If you want to grow something sustainable, you need influence and that only comes from humans.

We can use technology to attract as many people and leads that we want all day long. But it’s another thing to retain them. It’s another thing to build an empire that won’t crumble every other week.

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So again… there are some timeless concept that you will need in other to grow a sustainable wealth machine. An example will be a mastermind; Napoleon hill’s type of mastermind.

Now if a network marketing software could replace humans, then the beauty would be missing in the game. Just yesterday I was listening to an elderly African woman.

She said…

“A mountain without a valley makes no sense” ~ Prof Sophie Oluwole

What that means is that the idea of a network marketing software that will just build a team for you makes no sense.

Everything in life needs balance. The idea in itself would be a bad idea.  The social aspect of this whole thing is very important–extremely important.

One of my friends and mentor said this to me a long time go and I will never forget.

“People just want to have a good time” ~ Daegan Smith

So imagine this business without any human connection and just software collecting credit card numbers and people joining. That sounds cool but it’s still ridiculous and it just won’t last. That’s an empire built on sand.

With that being said, it will be a nightmare to not have the opportunity to leverage my #1 network marketing software; the autoresponder.

The autoresponder serves as our Customer/Client relationship management (CRM) software in marketing today. It’s major in our operation even though it costs less than $25 per month at its basic level.

It’s usually web based and that means you can log in anywhere to run your business as long as there is internet connection. This is a must have tool and the only thing better than using it is probably selling it.

There are 3 major things it does:

  • Collects and stores a database of prospects for your business.
  • Automatically follows-up with your prospects and the audience you are building.
  • Allows you to manually broadcast to your audience at will.

There are other influence building features and bonuses that comes with many autoresponder services. Some of them of them have live stream features to connect better with your audience.

The key use of the autoresponder as a network marketing software is to build a better relationship with an ever growing audience that loves you. It doesn’t replace relationship. It enhances it.

Sometimes people would have difficult time in deciding to build a brand and an audience online. “It’s a relationship business, you can’t do it online.”

Well, these ignorant objections are usually received on the same internet they are arguing against. Many of these people are the same ones on dating websites looking for companionship.

The truth is that

Anything can be done online as long as you do not remove humans from the picture.

Relationships are built online all the time. It can be personal and it can be business.

Network marketing business is built more sustain-ably on relationships. Social proof is also a factor in that. People like to join people but they also like to join communities.

It’s a more comfortable zone for people to join if they see other people. That’s why testimonials still work. That’s why I still encourage people to go to events.

Just don’t go to daily home meetings and weekly hotel meetings at the expense of not actually building a business. Profits is a requirement in business–period.

People ask me all the time. If I were to start all over and I have only one tool out of the tools we use, what would it be? It’s simply the autoresponder.

Even if there are no internet connection anymore. I would go out physically and serve people for free. After serving each, I would to stay in touch in case they need me again.

I would build my list just like that and continue to share value periodically. Of course, I would need internet to connect to the autoresponder right… You are right, my scenario is incomplete.

But I hope you get the point. Without people to serve, I don’t have a business. The point is simple.

The point is that my number #1 network marketing software is my audience and influence building software; My autoresponder and CRM stores and nurtures my relationships. That’s money.

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