Warning! You may be engaged in the wrong network marketing training and the wrong tools…

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In this time an age, you have to be careful what network marketing training you engage in. We live in an evolving world. But I’ve come to realize that a lot of 1962 and 1977 training topics are still circulating.

Granted! Many of the concepts in network marketing are timeless, especially the leadership part. But no one can deny the fact that a lot has changed and a lot is still changing.

Part of the root of the network marketing is that it is an opportunity for an average individual to get into the world of entrepreneurship.

It’s done by way of free enterprise. When I use the word ‘enterprise’, it means:

  1. Marketing and
  2. Selling

…are involved. Those two things evolve every time and most network marketing training do not always factor that in.

QUICK TIP: The quick-start network marketing training and tools for most network marketers are outdated.

The phrase “Network Marketing” comprises of 2 words:

  1. Network – Old school focused (static).
  2. Marketing – Digital age focused (dynamic)

I hope that is self explanatory.

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We live in an age where people want results fast. Clearly, time is required to achieve anything of substance with sustainability. But that does NOT change what people want.

You as a leader need to pay attention to what people want.

In the digital age, it’s in your best interest to ensure that you are engaged in a network marketing training that focuses on ‘marketing’ skills. There are a few reasons why you should do that.

Your income is attached to how big your network is right?  So what you are trying to build is a network of distributors for a product. That’s essentially what network marketing is all about right?

When you engage in a network marketing training that focuses on marketing skills, then it’s easy to use marketing to grow your network. Because it’s all about the skills and your emotions are not as involved.

For a while, I stayed away from using the phrase old school but it is true.

Some network marketing training are simply old school

…and I’d like to share the differences with you in this episode. This way, you can make some wise choices and decisions in building your network marketing business faster.

The old school network marketing training focuses on networking as marketing. Here is the main problem with that.

  1. People don’t appreciate talking to strangers anymore.
  2. Your prospects have choices today.
  3. They are skeptical
  4. They have tremendously low attention span.
  5. They want to Google YOU and whatever you sell first before buying or joining.
  6. Google has a tremendous amount of information for any and everything; lies and truth.
  7. They’d rather hide behind the internet through a smart phone or personal computer to meet people.
  8. They hate strangers knocking on their doors.

Because of all these 8 factors plus more, you need and deserve to learn how to market. People still buy. They still spend money. In fact, they still join opportunities just if you struggling and wondering.

However, the way your prospects receive and process information is a little different from 2 decades ago.  Make sense?

Here is an Example about Old School Network marketing training, tools and Strategies and what’s different:

3 foot rule – Talking to strangers at Walmart as long as they are within 3 feet. It doesn’t work anymore.

…But there are exceptions to every rule. If you know marketing, you can actually twist this around.  Check this out…

If someone was within 3 feet and searching for something on a shelf, offering to help them search can create an opportunity to start a conversation. Yes, you can ask some strategic questions…

“What do you do?”

“I am medical Doctor.”

“O wow, do you have a business card.”

“Sure, here you go.”

If you noticed, you are only doing things that the prospect wants.  This allows you to connect with them first before asking the stupid question.

“Are you open to making money outside of what you do?”

Doesn’t that just put everyone in an awkward position? YES!

If I find myself in such a scenario, I’d just take the card and say something like this.

“Hey, I’m actually looking for some professional business partners in the local area for a project I am working on. Is it okay if I send you some information by email and then stay in touch”

That would be a yes.  That changes everything. That’s skills. That’s marketing and prospecting skills at his best simply for focusing on what the prospect wants first.

But then also, something is still off.

The value of time continues to increase.

FACT: If you focus on network marketing training that boosts your marketing skills, you won’t have time to be roaming around Walmart.

If your training teaches you how to generate 20 – 30 daily quality and targeted leads that already want to buy using strictly the internet, how much time would have left for old school strategies?

It simply won’t be necessary right?

The same thing applies to all the other tips and strategies offered by old school network marketing training such as.

  • 3-way calls
  • Endless home meetings
  • Distributing flyers
  • Distributing business cards at local events.
  • Stalking family and friends
  • Bothering cousins at the family reunion barbeque
  • ETC…

They can still work with proper prospecting skills. But you don’t have time for them when you know how to attract more leads that time allows you to speak to.

With the old school stuff.  Efficiency is always questionable.

You only have 24 hours in a day. You probably still have to spend 8+ hours on a day job that you don’t like. You won’t have a life with the old school stuff and you get exposed to unnecessary frustration.

So thanks to technology. There is a better way. It’s easier, it’s simpler, it’s faster and it’s better.

And it actually helps more people.

Remember. The more people you serve in this world, the more money you will make. The more people you provide value to, the more money get to make.  It’s that simple.

So how do you provide more value to as many people as possible without factoring the time? It’s impossible. You have to factor in how much time you are spending on each individual and you have to pre-qualify people for your time.

Let’s be frank. You can’t serve everyone. It just doesn’t work like that. There are some people that are waiting for you to be served by YOU.

If you spent too much time with the wrong people, it’s because you have not engaged in a network marketing training that focuses on marketing.

That includes learning the 3 M’s:

  1. market
  2. message and
  3. media.

…essentially scientific target marketing.

Be careful what type of network marketing training and tools that you are plugged in to. Time is not on your side. It’s not on anyone’s side. You have to be particular on what skills you invest yourself, your time and your resources in.

Personally, if you had to choose between ‘network’ and ‘marketing’, here is my advice. Choose marketing because that will automatically build you network and your net worth.

Inside our inner circle network marketing training institute, we have videos, modules, books and pdfs, ppt presentations, daily tips and a wide range of ever growing topics.  You are welcome to check it out.

There you have it. Success! See you on the next episode.


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