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New Rules, Networking & Marketing OBSTACLE & Relevance Score

In networking and marketing, there is one thing you can never have enough of—Leads. You also want more of it than you have time… in order to build your business fast.

Against… That’s leads.

Most people struggle in the business because of 2 things.

  1. Lack of Leads
  2. Lack of Money

But in this new wave of network marketing 2.0 with the digita l edge on it, I want to add one more reason why most people re struggling.

Lack of leadership

When I first started to generate leads on Facebook and other social media platforms, my goal was to generate leads and that was it.

I would set up ads for a lead capture landing page and there is only one thing on the landing page—an optin subscription box asking for the visitors email address—Leads.

It converted really well—even up to 60% clicks to lead conversion rato.

One of the theories we created back then was the fact that when you go to, there is only one thing you will see. A form line box asking you what you’d like to search for.


What we forgot was that Google was not asking for a personal contact information. Whenever you ask for a personal contact information, that’s crossing the line of privacy rights and a privacy policy must be linked to the landing page <–[TIP ALERT]

Anyway, the lead capture landing page worked really well in conversions but we are not allowed to do that anymore. We are required to give a little more value upfront and more information about what is on the other side.

Boy… have things changed dramatically….

In this market place, your leadership skills are needed more than ever before. Essentially, the BIG platforms such as Facebook and Google wants you to give some type of value first before asking for people’s personal information at any level.

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When news like this BREAKS…

…the average marketer would panic. I have seen this before. Whenever we as entrepreneurs are forced into some type of new rules, it simply is a moment to re-strategize.

That’s always a great moment for the losers to quit of course. It’s okay. It doesn’t mean they are bad people. It is what it is.

So it’s time to step our game up as marketers and champions. It only makes you a better marketer. It also builds your equity for massive cash out. If you’ve been around the block, you’ve seen it.

You join a home business opportunity, Real Estate or any business. Your upline or prinicipal promised you that your warm marketer was more than good enough. You found out, that’s was a lie… LOL.

Not only did you run out of warm market to show your opportunity to, but the term warm market had been used wrongly all the while.

O wow…

But you are still here…

Still standing.

Because you know that this a journey. You have decided to enjoy the journey. That my friend, is the attitude of a winner.

Now you are online generating leads and the gods of the internet have created new rules. All it is… is just another opportunity to weed out the losers. YOU and I will stick around, FIGURE IT out and build our dreams.

That’s winning.

The good news is that I am here to help our community through our journey and the landing page issue is no different. I am going through the same journey so we will all learn together.

Speaking of learning, I was talking to my Facebook marketing mentors one day and I learned this. Facebook created a new direct response measure called ‘relevance score’.

The highest score my ads have had was a 7 out of 10 and that was a video ad. I had a few ads with 6 and 5. I learn from another person to kill ads with anything lower than 5.


Well….I had to kill a bunch of ads and re-strategize on targeting. I love these type of things but I learned how to love it with time.

Think about it…

If you had ads running with no obvious problems and you find out all of a sudden that you are breaking Facebook relevance score rules that could shut of your entire money advertising account, it hurts naturally to have to do it all over again.

But this is how it is in the business world. Yes in free enterprise, you get to create the rule. But that’s all in context. The way I try to see it is always with a positive outlook.

I get to create the rule of the direction of my attitude about the BIG picture—long and short term. The big picture is that some rules have to be created to weed out the losers because they only see short term.

That leaves us, the winners, in the game to reap the rewards of all those millions in mini sweat equities built by quitters. HAHA…

So what is Relevance score in Facebook Advertising?

Here is their definition and I quote…

“A rating of 1 to 10 based on how your audience is responding to your ad. This score is calculated after your ad receives more than 500 impressions.”

As I told you in this previous post, impressions are simply the number of times an ad was viewed not including how many time it was clicked. So in layman language, relevance score tells you if they wanted to see your ad or not.

My observation has been that the higher the relevance score, the cheaper the cost of advertising. More importantly, it teaches you to keep testing and learn how to create highly responsive ads even within certain constraints.

Also, based on my my recent tests, I’ve changed my rule of marketing and re-marketing a little bit.

My first exposure to new visitors is a lead capture landing page and you can see a sample here. If someone does not subscribe through it, I will remarket my daily blog post to them through a customer audience of my last 1 days visit who have not subscribed… all built for me by Facebook.

The new theory is simple. The more leads I generate, the more I build my list and the more sales I can generate over time. So I’d rather spend my advertising budget on fresh blood.

Showing a blog post to a new visitor with paid ads is very expensive because no matter what, the average always leave without subscribing.

However,I don’t mind spending $5 on my daily new blogpost to try to still get my last 1 day visitors who have not subscribed in.

So before,I overcompensated for giving value first by doing this the other way around—showing blogpost with un-gated value first trusting that the prospect remains excited to subscribe.

It didn’t work. So time to re-strategize.

Bottom-line, we have to keep testing.

Share your thoughts, questions and experience… I will meet you in the comment are.

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