What Does BIRD DOGGING Mean In Real Estate?

Question: “What Does BIRD DOGGING Mean In Real Estate”

When I first joined real estate back in the days, 2005 to be precise, was when I went crazy on real estate.

I bought my first big course at $3,000 in December 2004 and I think I went crazy in the summer of 2005.

Then I closed my first deal in December 2005.

At that time, I bought another course for like $300 from a guy named Richard Douglas.

That book or whatever that course materials were, there were like 2 books, he mentioned Bird Dogging as a type of real estate investing.

He mentioned Wholesaling as a type of real estate investing,

…short sale as another type and then he mentioned fix and flipping as another type.

But once I started doing the business in 2005, I noticed that it sounded like it’s just about the same thing.

Except that people that are fix and flipping have good credit, good cash and they can put money down and buy the property so they can actually fix and flip.

However Wholesale and Short Sale are essentially a bunch of negotiations,including Bird Dogging.

The term Bird Dogging is from hunting dogs that basically are sent out to go hunt for stuff,


…I don’t know exactly what the extra history there is but the idea is they are hunting dogs.

So you go hunt for houses.

Hunting for houses, isn’t that the same thing that wholesalers do?

You’ll learn marketing, if you’re smart you’ll learn Digital Marketing to find real estate deals.

You hunt for houses but the idea of Bird Dogging doesn’t necessarily make as much money.

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In bird dogging you know, you’ll find me a house cause I give you a card that says “Hey referral fees, I pay you money if you find me a house. Then once we close I’ll send you $500 or $200”,

…and then you are happy because you are not really in the business, it’s just free $200.

It’s pretty cool but the truth is that Bird Dogging, if you really want to build a business out of this, you’re not really a Bird Dog but it’s the same thing.

It just means you’re hunting for houses.

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So, it was just a terminology that was used for people that are not necessarily doing the business full time,

Versus people that have been actively doing marketing, looking for deals everyday,

…even if they want to fix and flip for themselves or they want to flip it to other people to fix and flip.

Either way, it’s all the same thing so don’t overthink it, it just means Real Estate Investing.

But maybe all you have is time, you’re in the right place.

You can learn how to use your time to hunt for houses and get paid $10,000-$30,000 just for doing so.

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