001: What is Network Marketing?…FINALLY the Truth!

In this episode,I want to answer the question “what is network marketing?”.

I am not necessarily going to try and sell you on the network marketing business model. In fact, I may end up doing the opposite.

The truth is that 98% of people in network marketing have no business trying to build any type of business. This is a direct cause of the ridiculous failure rate.

I mean.. think about it.

Some one starts a business today and in about 24 hours comes back to you and tell you it’s not for them. Weird right?

That’s how I used to feel until I invented network marketing 2.0.

NM 2.0 takes your passion and hobbies into consideration before partnering up for business. These are simply things that people don’t quit on.

Before I digress in into what network marketing is, let’s agree on one thing.

It’s not work if you enjoy doing it.

Hence the need to consider integrating passion and your hobbies before initiating a partnership with a network marketing company. In traditional network marketing, if you want to make money, you are qualified.

Is that good or bad?

That depends.

So what is network marketing?

Here is what entrepreneur.com’s encyclopedia said at press time:

“Network marketing is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses.”

I have a problem with that definition. Anyone that qualifies by way of this definition is automatically disqualified from a partnership with me–at least personally.

Here is why… there is no such thing as a part-time business. If you are going to be successful in any business, it’s not even a full time gig.

Running a successful business is a lifetime gig.

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Network marketing is a lifestyle business. It’s not a juice production business, it’s not a blog production business and it’s not [INSERT_YOUR_NETWORK_MARKETING_COMPANY_PRODUCT] business.

We don’t take vacations. Vacations are 2 weeks in a year. We are always on vacation but we go on pay-cations.

We don’t retire… we just never “really” worked. This will become your truth once you really understand network marketing. Consider context–you have to do something…

If your goal is to get hit by a truck load of money, you have to position in the middle of the road that it travel on–right in the center of the lane.

I can’t guaranteed that until you decide to upgrade to network marketing 2.0. At press time, we are running a workshop tomorrow that will show you how to upgrade to network marketing 2.0. [Click here to secure a spot.]

The network marketing business model is used among many home business opportunities as a leverage tool. There are many good things about the model.

Network marketing is the easiest way to come out of the S box into the B box as prescribed in the Rich Dad’ book, Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom

S = Self Employed (Overglorified employee position)
B = Business that can run on its own with or without you and generate income.

Network marketing is the easiest and cheapest way to join the B-Squad. The “cheapest” part is one of the main reasons why 98% of network marketers fail.

Network marketing is sometimes referred to as MLM which stands for Multi-Level marketing. It’s essentially a name coined from the fact that an individual gets to be compensated for production from multiple levels in an organization structure.

Often, you will find cases being made by comparing network marketing to a pyramid or ponsi scheme. That will be more true for a traditional corporate world because you can never make more money than your boss.

… usually no freedom in sight either.

If network marketing was an illegal business, it wouldn’t have survived for decades like it has.

There are real consumable products being distributed to customers and you can often make more money than your upline in a network marketing organization.

However lets be clear. The truth is that to build a thriving network marketing business, you have to get good at sponsoring or recruiting others into your traditional network marketing downline.

What is Network Marketing Sponsoring?

Sponsoring is a fancy word for recruiting other people who wants to make money into the business model. Before the social media and digital age, home meetings, door knocking, roaming around WalMart worked.

A major difference between traditional corporate job recruiting and network marketing is that people are being recruited into a performance based unilateral independent contract.

SIDENOTE: Sadly, it can be terminated like a job… in essence it’s not a real ownership.

Also, if the newly sponsored are not selling products and recruiting others, you won’t make money and that recruit-ee will not make money either.

Is it fair? ABSOLUTELY! … especially if you are stuck in 1970 network marketing strategies. Real business owners pay attention to human evolution and adapt.

So, you can’t make money from people that join and do nothing–FAIR. But there is worse with the traditional network marketing.

In marketing and prospecting, most people will say ‘NO’. Here is how it goes…

You ask:

“Are you open to making money outside of what you do?”

“Are you open to making money with a side project?”

The answer to this questions are mostly ‘yes’ right… but they are not REAL. There’s usually a business presentation to see and a fee will be paid to get on board.

You wanted to know “what is network marketing” so I’m giving you nothing but 100% truth…

How would you like to make even more money from people that says ‘no’ to your business opportunity?

Traditional network marketing won’t necessarily admit this but the join start-up fee is a major part of the companies’ revenue.

If recruiters makes any commission from the startup fee, then the business is considered an illegal pyramid ponsi scheme. But the companies do pay and use other languages such as quick start bonuses and sorts to get around that legality.

It’s a legal business model per most westernized capitalist societies. Just be clear that work is involved especially if you come in through the traditional route–Net-WORK Marketing.

But there is better and more fun way….

What is Network Marketing 2.0

You can learn more about it in this episode about network marketing 2.0.

The truth is that Bill Gate, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and many more high achievers have not “really” worked in a long time. To become successful beyond average, passion and vision needs to align in whatever you do.

Sadly, that’s not the case with traditional network marketing. It’s just an “over-glorified unpaid sales job” for many.

That’s why people quit within 7 to 14 days. A lot of times, they just go into witness protection mode.

They stop picking up the phones.

Hence the reason why many network marketers end up in the “NFL” club. No friends left.

There is a better way with network marketing 2.0 We help you:

  • Design a machine that focuses on attraction marketing.
  • Build a brand like a real business and
  • Build a hyper-responsive list of people who already love the idea of your story and doing business with you.


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