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QUESTION ⁉️ “There’s a home I’m trying to get under contract, the homeowner passed away 12 years ago.

According to the son, the daughter has the “rights” to the home. However upon doing research, the probate status was never completed or she never claimed anything he may have left.

The home is still in the deceased owners name.

I can’t get a hold of the sister through any contact what would be your next steps to get this deal?

It’s an abandoned home with code violations. It’s been sitting since he passed.”

In this video, you will learn a little more about why in general, there is no such thing as the best type of leads to work in order to achieve success in wholesaling real estate.

Many people are following gurus and taking their words as the gospel truth. Your truth and experience in the business of free enterprise will be very personal.

See what I mean in this edition.

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Wholesaling Probate