How I built a team of 100 within 3 months of my first year in network marketing.

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Listen…. This is probably a part cool and part horror story.

My first year in network marketing per many people’s judgment was probably the best. 100 reps in my team within 3 months.

NOTE: This article is not necessarily about the book “Your first year in network marketing by Mark Yarnell” which is a great book. This is deeper and more advanced stuff that you deserve to know.

That was a piece of cake.

Today, totally on-demand, I have the skill to sponsor 20 – 30 reps personally on demand month in and month out.

Pretty cool.. huh? Would you like to learn how to do that? Of course YES!

But wait… First of all, the old school 100 reps in a team wasn’t easy. Secondly, I will tell you why that is probably the wrong data to use to track your progress in network marketing.

Of those 100 reps, less than 15 were personally sponsored by me. At that number in personal sponsor, I was a superstar in the eyes of many.

Which one do you want first? The cool or the horror part of the story

Let’s get into the horror part of my first year in network marketing

I use to go to the weekly hotel meetings every Saturday. The idea was to prospect all week and bring some guests to the meetings.

Believe it or not; I only sponsored 15 and I was the superstar in the room. Doesn’t that make you want to ask, “what were other reps in the room doing?” I wondered the same thing EXACTLY.

After personally sponsoring 15 people, one of them went hard and “DUPLICATED” very fast and then quit. That was so weird to me but I inherited his team (so I thought…) I took care of them.

WARNING: There were so many weird things that will happen in ‘your first year in network marketing’ that you’d want to quit too.

Quitters and ‘quittings’ from all levels in your downline organization will happen. Every time it happens, it has the same effect on you and guess what… The effect is NEGATIVE and very contagious.

Let me tell you a quick story…

I started my home business back in February of 2005 but I didn’t really engage fully into a network marketing business model until April of 2009. That was when I was personally introduced to a company by a partner of mine.

Guess what happened 2 weeks after he sponsored me….


Weird right?

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That actually messed with my judgement self esteem. But I learned a lesson from that and that lesson is one of the reasons, I personally sponsored over 1,500 people into multiple programs to date.

I didn’t join him because the network marketing was that good. I simply joined him. Did you catch that?

People don’t join companies. People join people. If you have enough credibility, people will join you before they find out what they are joining.

Most top earners will not take or have the time to tell you this top network marketing recruiting secret. A lot of times back in the old school strategies, people would join because they saw the magazine with dream home and cars.

Is that the best quality of reps to add to your team… I dunno. Bottom line here is that it’s easier for you to build a network marketing business when you have credibility.

Now, the question is, “How do I build credibility?”

In fact, these days, you don’t only have an opportunity to build credibility. You can absolute build a self-brand with authority.

Imagine, people flooding after you to join your team without knowing your network marketing company or what it sells.

Wouldn’t that be a great feeling?

Wouldn’t that make your recruiting efforts ‘EFFORTLESS’?

So I had uplines and downlines quitting on me at all levels. Let me correct that–quitting their own dreams. I am still here still standing.

NOTE: The only person that has the power to quit on you is YOU!

There were ranks in the company and I receive recognition pins on my chest for recruiting and sponsoring people that already went into witness protection.

For people like me who wanted actual results from building a business, receiving a pin for a failing business was not exciting. In fact, it was frustrating.

After the first 3 months, the growth stalled. But I kept going to the meeting and training for 3 more months even without prospects. I already exhausted my warm market.

The Cool part about my 1st year in network marketing

It actually started with that last 3 months in the old school network marketing arena. I learned a lot about leadership from repetitive attendance of the same leadership training.

After every hotel business presentation, we had a leadership meeting for existing members and new members. I learned edification and showing up every day.

So in my opinion, the cool part of the business got initiated in those training. However, at some point, we gotta start growing the team.

One day, my brother Shola (we always work together) told me about some magnetic sponsoring idea and I really didn’t listen until I stumbled across it myself online.

It was the coolest idea to stop being the chaser and become the chasee.

  • I learned the art and science of attraction.
  • I learned the real reason why people buy and join.

I learned that this business was about lifestyle and freedom. People forget that.

98% of people are failing in network marketing because they either quit too soon to discover what I am sharing with you now or they start treating the business like a job or a church.

NEWSFLASH: This is entrepreneurship and profit is a requirement.

I realized after getting exposed to the beauty of the digital age how cool it is to create a brand and a profitable business.  The old school network marketing strategies made it hell.  But then that’s how diamonds are made. … PRESSURE!

I realized quickly that the hotel meetings were designed as a marketing and prospecting hub and not a church were people just show up weekly to sing koumbaya.

It became clear to me that I was going to become a million dollar producer 6 months after. That’s exactly what happened.

It won’t happen for you unless you wake up to “Network Marketing 2.0” which is a concept I created to describe the new wave of building a home business.

It’s network marketing with multiple streams of income guided by your own brand that people will fall in love with. All of this happened within my first year in network marketing.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been trying to build a network marketing business; with network marketing 2.0, you get to start “your first year in network marketing” over whenever you want.


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