Real Estate Wholesaling

If you have always wanted to make money with real estate, real estate wholesaling is your saving grace; allow me to prove that to you.

3 FACTS About Real Estate Wholesaling You Must Master & Memorize… These 3 Pillars must be in place…

real estate wholesaling

If you have always wanted to make money with real estate, real estate wholesaling is your saving grace; allow me to prove that to you.

To start a business either in real estate or not for most people feels like gambling.

But it does have to be that way; after consuming this special report, you will be equipped with a way to bring making money leveraging real estate wholesaling down to a science.

May be this is not the first time you are coming across the concept as a business model.

However before today, it has appeared as a complicated business model; may be you have actually tried it.

You have knocked on doors.

You have engaged in dreaded strategy such as “driving for dollars but none of them have worked for you.

The endless success stories and testimonial and big closing checks all over social media; but you feel may be the business is not for you.

Real estate wholesaling is actually a simple business but humans have complex brains that complicate everything and…

That’s why I am dedicating this time to show you how simple it is.

While I will focus on showing you how to build an empire with real estate wholesaling the smart way, you should be aware that most “smart” people can’t build long term success in the business.

In fact, most people will abandon the whole thing out of frustration.

97%+ would have wasted their life saving on guru seminars before quitting but with this information, you won’t have to become a part of that horrible statistics.

So the business model comes down to these 3 things:

1. Value – Solving Problems

2. Automated Media – Success loves Speed

3. People – Money comes from people

In the meanwhile, watch this short video where i show you the ideal example of respecting the fact that “success loves speed” and how this is applicable if you want to guarantee winning big with this business…

Come back here next week and we are going to break the 3 pillars down into simple 5th grade level pieces for you to implement right away.

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This question is timely because just last week, we found out that according to some other YouTube channel that Philadelphia is now requiring people to have some kind of license to wholesale.

There are a couple of solutions around that.

If you’ve been following me, “a state requiring a license to wholesale” would not have been an issue for you.

First thing is that… Continue Reading…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ on Real Estate Wholesaling)

What is real estate wholesaling?

It is the art and science of finding deeply discounted properties using mass media marketing to distressed owners, lock them under a purchase contract and selling or assigning the contract to an end buyer for a lucrative fee.

Does real estate wholesaling work?

Yes it works when you understand that it is a business model and requires marketing skills set like any other business.

How does real estate wholesaling work?

The 1st step is finding deeply discounted properties usually by marketing to distressed owners such as pre-foreclosures, vacant property owners, properties with lots of damages etc. You can also decide to focus on marketing to and building a list of cash end buyers who desires wholesale properties.

Is real estate wholesaling legal?

Yes the wholesaling any product is always legal, however some states may require a brokers license if you wholesale more than one real estate within one year.

Is real estate wholesaling worth it?

It is only worth it when you take it serious as a business model and market in mass professionally.

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