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The 3 network marketing companies owned by Warren Buffett

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I got some exciting lessons to share with you today. What Network Marketing companies are owned by Warren Buffett?

Why is he buying a network marketing company? Why did he buy network marketing companies?

This is something I’d like to give you a special insight to because if you go out there online, you're going to find all kind of people trying to sell you another MLM with this topic because it’s a very commonly asked question.

It's understandable.

I get it.

Everybody wants to sponsor more people into their business. Everybody want to recruit people into their business. They should want to do those things because that's how you make money; by building a team of people who want to make money.

By recruiting more people who want to build a business from home.

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When it comes down to it, recruiting, sponsoring, is an endless thing. People will do whatever it takes to get that done, to recruit more people.

Some people will probably hide behind pretense and say, "Oh no, you don't have to." Yes, you do have to recruit people into this business to make money.

This is not a sales job. It's a network marketing opportunity. For most people, it becomes an over-glorified sales job, but that's not what you want. Essentially, most people join network marketing because they want freedom. They want a freedom driven lifestyle.

They want to be able to travel whenever they want to travel. They want to control their own life. They want to live life on their own terms. In order to do that, you're going to need to leverage.

You're going to need to learn how to use other people's time to get what you want. You're not taking advantage of people when you do that. What you're doing is that you're bringing the forces of unification together to make something happen; to create bigger results than you would if it was a linear formula.

It's not a linear formula when you bring 2 people together to work together as a team. If the vision aligns, then the result should skyrocket. The results should be exponential and not just times 2. Does that make sense?

This is the reason why Warren Buffett is getting some good returns with his investment in network marketing companies.

In his words, "The best investment I've ever made."

Last time I checked, he owned 3 companies. One is Kirby Vacuum Cleaners. The other one is the popular Pampered Chef. The other one is World Books, which is an encyclopedia book that used to be sold door to door.

Honestly, I'm not sure that these companies, especially Kirby and World Books still exist. I know Pampered Chef still exists. The key thing that you should note there is that if one of the top 3 richest billionaires in the world would invest in network marketing, then maybe it's time that you take it a little bit more serious.

You're listening to me because, you are already involved some how, some way in home business, network marketing, or you are actively, and/or you were actively looking for a way to make money from home. You should pay attention this information.

Why did it become a question in the first place that network marketing is legit business enough for Warren Buffett to invest in?

Well, it has to do with the same reason why it's probably the most profitable venture anyone will engage in terms of low risk and high returns. Some people will say, "I've invested $40,000 over the past 8 years or 10 years, I've invested $20,000."

News flash, that's not a lot of money. That's not a lot of money over a span of years. If you drop that kind of money one time, then I would agree with you. If you didn't drop it one time and it happened through your journey, you're learning.

You may have invested in some wrong moves, but you're still standing. You have to start paying attention to the value of time. There's value of time involved in the fact that you invested that money over time.

My goal on this podcast is to share with you some tips that will allow you to get results faster. Don't consider your past journey a waste of time because it's not. If you invested $40,000 over the past 8 years, you just went to college for 8 years and you paid $40,000. There is nothing out of the ordinary about that.

At the end of the day, you're going to pay your dues. If you make a lot of money in network marketing and create the results that you're looking to that most people only dream about it, then you would have paid your dues.

Sometimes it's in terms of time. Sometimes it's in terms of money. A lot of times it's a combination. The key, then is to never quit. Once you quit, then you're right. You threw all the money away.

Guess what, there's nothing new about that, too. There are people that go to college, they invest a lot of money, and all of that money, they're now practicing something else that has nothing to do with the degree that they received. Does that make sense?

If you're still here, I want you to consider yourself fortunate, because then you can still create massive results from all the lessons you've learned over time. Most people in network marketing that are successful today have been through quite a few opportunities. They've been through a long journey.

Of course, a lot of time it will feel like it's an overnight success. There's no such thing.

If you have your success today, chances are you'll be able tell a story of a good 5 - 6 years of your journey. Maybe you've been through a few companies, you've been through a few opportunities, you've been through a few uplines and/or you've been through a few teams.

If you're ready, it comes down to one thing; your skill set. Yes, it's low risk and it's high return and it remains that way. I don't care if you've invested $100,000 thus far in network marketing, chances are you did that over a few years.

In other words, it doesn't just count as an investment. It also counts as lesson learned, just like everything else in life. It counts as equity. You've been building equity all this time.

It's time to take this business a little bit more serious and then invest in your skills. Invest in your self. Maybe all this while you've been investing in companies, the network marketing companies, you've been investing in magazines, in DVDs, in system tools that are not necessarily getting you results.

It's time you invest in yourself and in your own education. Because this is your business at the end of the day.

If you don't realize that this is your business and is not the network marketing company's business, then the struggle will continue. Once you take ownership, then the business becomes yours.

The way Warren Buffett has chosen to partake in network marketing companies is by taking ownership; not by being a mere over-glorified sales rep's job.

Then, investing in yourself and your own education becomes a no brainer, because you will always reap the reward.

No one can take that away from you.

You could change companies, you could change team, you could fire everybody on your team, you could fire your network marketing company and move onto another company because something else is more interesting over there.

It comes down to how much your investing in yourselves in terms of time and sometimes money; a lot of times, you invest a combination.

While the return on investment is going to be dependent on what you're investing in, you have to be careful. Are you investing in yourself or are you investing in a company?

Are you just buying stuff that is not necessarily increasing you as a person or are you just paying for another opportunity or another shiny object?

You have to be careful.

That's why what we focus on here is learning first, then earning. We've done it successfully multiple times to do earnings simultaneously together with that. That will help you build empire.

Learning, earning, and building empires.

Even the founders absolutely have low risk and very high return. You too can. So it's high time you started paying attention to investing in yourself so you can learn the skills and you can take that skills into any company and make that company your very own best opportunity.

That's what this is about. Yes, Warren Buffett invested in network marketing companies because it's a viable business model. A lot of people are making money.

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