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Question: “Can you make money Wholesaling Houses?

Let’s clear out a couple of things.

More and more people are coming into the game and they will never make a dime.

Why?… because of everything I just said, more and more people are coming into the game.

When you have a lot of people coming and trying to play the same game, the majority of people may not make money.

That’s just the way life works however, there is a part when you get into the game that there’s zero competition.

If you just take that extra mile, there is zero competition.

So let me just share a couple of those things with you.

Marketing. The skills of marketing.

Majority of people that are coming into the wholesaler game will not take the time to learn the skills of marketing.

How do I know, because it’s “not easy”.

It’s simple but it’s not easy.

This is just another skill set you kinda have to pick-up.

So the majority of people would say, “this guy told me I could just drive for dollars and make a million dollars tomorrow.” and they’re gonna go drive for dollars for the next one month.

And then they are gonna be like most people, not making any money.

So, I’m gonna be like, “yeah I was told to cold call. Just cold call 400hrs a day.” that’s literally impossible.

You are not gonna cold call 400hrs a day.

You may cold call 400 people and after 400 people you are going to be frustrated because it’s a very high chance you are not gonna find a deal in that 400 people,

… But it’s time to learn Marketing.

You’ve got to sit down and learn a new skill set and most people are gonna shy away from that.


Learn from Data to Deals.

Learn how to manipulate and analyze data so that you can use that… because there are some trendy things that you know have a very high chance it’s going to be a deal.

And you can study and learn those things then turn it to money for yourself.

Especially when most people are not gonna do it.

Yes! Most people are not gonna do that, that’s where the money is.

So, anything that you can fathom, you are gonna think about “most people are not gonna be doing this”.

… that’s where you need to be finding yourself, you need to go the extra mile.

When it comes to marketing, postcard marketing, text message marketing or any kind of marketing you wanna do, you have to go the extra mile.

Even including Driving for Dollars.

Can you drive for dollars for the next 12 months even if you don’t make money?

If you are not willing to do that, there is a very high chance you are not going to make money.


Most people are not gonna drive past 2-3 days before they feel frustrated and say, “This is not gonna work.”

And like I said, most people that are driving full 90 days are still not gonna close a deal just because that strategy,

… but I am saying that if you can actually possibly keep going forever, you will close a deal at some point even if you are knocking on doors.

You will close a deal at some point.

The question is, “Are you gonna be in the game at that point in time?”.
I don’t know if that’s gonna be tomorrow, you could be lucky.

I don’t know if that’s gonna be 90 days from now, but how can you remove luck?

There are some strategies called attention.

There’s something that marketers trade.

That’s all we trade in, that’s what we all are looking for… we are looking for a place where the attention is and we are looking for a cost effective way to capture attention.

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Well also not just that, we gotta keep bringing the money in, we need cash flow.

So, can you stay long enough spending $2,000-3,000 a month without making any money? … that’s not what I teach.

A lot of these strategies that you see these gurus teach out here requires that either in a form of time or money.

How do you find the consolidation between the two, and that’s the struggle that a lot of people have.

So, Can you make money Wholesaling Houses?

Absolutely… the chances that you are gonna make money is 100% if you can go the extra mile.

The chances of making money if you are just like everybody else, you just want to Drive for Dollars because they told everyone on YouTube to drive for dollars,

… the chances are slim to almost none.

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