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November 2016 Income Report – Gross: $12,713.82 | Net: $8,377.23

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November 2016 Income At-A-Glance

Gross Income: $12,713.82
Total Expenses: $4,336.59
Total Net Profit: $8,377.23
MONTHLY NET GROWTH: +$8,377.23 (100%) - 1st report ever

See below for complete details, breakdown and lessons learned.

NOTE We will not be sharing our real estate deals related revenue.  This is to demonstrate "recession proof" monthly cash flow.

Why are we publishing our income report?

Wassup #EmpirePROS.  Yes, I just coined that name right this moment for you, our loyal community.  1st edition...  wow... long time coming.  Are you ready?

First and foremost, this is not the same thing as an income disclaimer.  Disclaimer says "I will not guarantee results for you."  Report is exactly that.  We report everything.

I know of only 2 other companies and websites that does this.  This is a unique feature and expect tons of value from it every single month.  Let's get into it.

This is, in fact, a scary thing to do.  But with your support and your help, we will do this for a long time.  I simply believe it's one of the biggest value I can offer your business and your desired lifestyle.

Every single month, I will share our triumphs, our tribulations, our loses and our profits;  not just in words but actual breakdown of our revenue, expenses and net profit; even with growth percentages.

You will discover exactly what is working in our business; you can copy and paste it.  You can also avoid whatever didn't work for us alike as we will share it all.

Being an entrepreneur requires heart, hustle, strategy and mentorship.  With exposure to this type of information, it can be a lot more easier.  All you have to do is look out for this monthly.

Most of the gurus out there are very quick to share results and income, but they usually don't share the amount of work, time and money invested in order to achieve.  Then you end up with an illusion and eventual frustration .

Welcome to the 1st edition of myEmpirePRO's monthly income report.

Product/Service Income: $6,988.51

Empire Traffic Academy: The most personal 7 Figures Attraction Marketing, Business & Empire Training Portal  in the world.

  • Total: $6,988.51

15 Points Checklist to 6 and 7 Figures Business: A free special downloadable PDF report that breaks down a 6 and 7 figures scalable business into 15 simple execution checklist.

7 Secrets to 7 Figure: A free webinar that reverse engineer all the top producers and earners' exact branding and marketing activities into 7 top 1% secrets in 1 HOUR.

$1,000 Per Day Formula: A free webinar following my exact process I used to create $315K+ sales in just 6 months from a brand new offer.

* We use WebinarJam for our webinar presentations.

Empire Intensive LIVE IN NYC: A premium training and mastermind event where you actually learn without the typical rah-rah of live events LIVE in the center of gravity of the world economy - New York City.

Affiliate Income: $5,725.31

Digital Altitude (Aspire System): $5376.59 (A platform that teaches digital entrepreneurs how to start and grow a profitable business mountain climbing as a metaphor in 18 steps with the help of a human coach.)

My Lead System PRO: $103.50 (The world's #1 solution for network marketers, affiliate marketers, & internet marketers since 2008.)

Pure Leverage: $208.38 (All the tools you need to leverage your freedom in one spot)

Misc: $36.84

Total Gross Income: $12,713.82

Business Expenses: $2,920.72

  • Advertising: $1,936.13
  • Merchant/Bank Fees: 506.41
  • Office/Print Expenses: $289.65
  • Event: $53.68
  • Avangate/FollowLiker: $97.99
  • Amazon Web Services: $36.86

Recurring, Subscription-based Expenses: $1,415.87

  • Google Services: $11.98
  • Digital Altitude Affiliate Services: $17.00
  • Getresponse: $79.95
  • Pure Leverage: $173.92
  • Mojo Selling Solution: $124.00
  • Libsyn: $30.00
  • Internet: $256.05
  • $14.99
  • ScheduleOnce: $19.00
  • Website Hosting Fees: $225 (We recommend Bluehost)
  • MyPrivateProxy: $11.75 (Used for automating twitter and instagram account in FollowLiker)
  • Social Jukebox: $19.99
  • Hootsuite: $19.98 (Cancelled & Replaced with Social Jukebox and FollowLiker due to lacking automated re-posting of evergreen content )
  • Authorize.NET: $56.30
  • Taxes & Licenses: $309
  • NJLispendens: $29.95 (Cancelled due to advancement into 7 figures digital marketing real estate investing business model)

Total Expenses: $4,336.59

Total Net Profit: $8,377.23

Biggest Lesson Learned

Wow...  Putting this report together has been a liberating experience for me.  It's in fact a big therapy for me at a very deep and personal level.  Watch me take this machine to millions of dollars level with your help.

I was concerned for a long time that I will get judged.  It was a stupid ego.  As you can see, the numbers are still in top 3% income across board.

If you know my story, you will know what I mean. I was the 26 years old kid who created sales and revenue worth $3,058,000 ($3 million+) within my first 24 months as an entrepreneur.  I made up to $82,000 in net profit in ONE DAY.

I was feeling completely invisible.

Little me, OLA Tux Abitogun... new college graduate starting my first venture and creating such a level of success so early all by my self right?  For straight, 3 - 4 years, I was balling (...if you will.)

Then 2008 recession happened and wiped everything out.  All the BIG check got wiped away.  In all of 2009, I was living on my savings.  In that period.  I picked up a new skill.  Why?  Because this is a FREE world, I can and you can too.

I started mastering digital marketing with a recipe of network marketing.  After all, my background was in computer engineering and engineering management.

I quickly mastered it, enrolled over 1,000 people into multiple programs and did over $1 million in sales in little to no time; this time in partnership with my brother.  We were doing up to $12,000 in one day.

The problem for a long time was that we were spending it back into the market place without a real strategy to scale properly.  I figured that out after doing $40,000 in revenue and not being able to account for it at the end of the month.

Due to differences in vision and direction, we separated our business lives in 2014.  We are still best friends.  I carried on because  I am addicted to marketing.  His passion is in health and wellness.

My first venture was in real estate.  After careful consideration, it makes sense to apply my new skills to real estate investing.  Lo and behold, in no time, I started creating a buzz in that world again in my local market.  In fact, I just closed my 43rd deal.

One of the biggest mistakes I made in my early business days was that I wasn't focusing on cash flow.  I had big "unpredictable paydays" like $82,000 in one single day but cash flow sucked.

Hence why my business got wiped away from the market so easily by a simple ordinary recession.  Well, it was my first.  In my opinion, the lesson could only be learned that way.  There goes the first lesson.

"Predictable monthly cash flow", no matter how small, is better than "unpredictable BIG paydays."  The only thing better than that is a hybrid of both.  That's what I practice and teach these days.

Here goes the 2nd lesson.  After creating another success round in digital and network marketing, I stumbled across another type of animal that I wasn't familiar with.

The Shiny Object Syndrome a.k.a distractions.

So about the same time that my brother was exiting our partnership, I was exposed to another opportunity that seemed like the grass could be greener on the other side.

I made the wrong move, got distracted and everything I had going on slowly slowed down.  I made some good money with some of the distractions but not nearly as much as I could with proper focus on what I am good at.

WE all need to focus on what we are good at.  I am good at:

  1. Teaching
  2. Marketing and
  3. Real estate investing

There are many people that will never be good at these things.  I was put on this earth to serve  them either at a training, consulting or "done for you" services level.

October 2016 was my 10th year anniversary as a full time entrepreneur.  Through all the ups and down, I've been blessed enough to not have to ever go back to a job.  I went completely broke a few times but there is a difference between 'broke' and 'poor.'

To God be the glory.  I attribute my "still standing" to my dedication and commitment to being the best at my skills.  That's what I preach today.

Master the skills.  That's why I am able to charge in upwards of $25,000 for just 3 hours of my time.  You too can give yourself a pay raise anytime you want using my same business model.

Finance management is a big monster.  We all have to be careful.  It's the main reason why lots of businesses go under.  This monthly report will serve you but it will also serve me from an accountability standpoint.

Stay glued to this page.  Subscribe to our list so you can get notified when we release new editions monthly.  Watch the revenue grow to $1,000,000 but more importantly...

...also watch the struggle, the consistency, and enjoy the ride.  That's where your strength will come from.

In fact, I just opened doors to a mastermind of 10 focused entrepreneurs that I will help personally build their net income up to 6 figures in the next 90 - 100 days.  It will be my 3rd time doing it.  You can apply here.

Watch this space to see it play out.  Thank you so much for all your support through out the years. Let's connect soon.

SPECIAL THANKS to John Lee Dumas of EOFire for inspiring this brand new journey.

OLA Tux Abitogun


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