008: How to achieve massive “Network Marketing Success” in 90 days…

You’ve seen all the network marketing success stories but you just can’t seem to become one?

I know exactly why.

The good news for you is that your struggle is over for landing on this episode.

In this episode of network marketing 2.0, I want to share with you simple but “accurately works all the time” network marketing success tips. The only thing I won’t be able to guarantee is how serious you will take this.

First of all, what is the existing network marketing success rate?

Before I can answer that question, let me tell you what success in network marketing means to me as off today.

It means earning $30,000 per month on average.

Obviously, it absolutely up to you what you do with your money. Some like to spend it on charity, just like others like to spend it on fun or simply for more savings and comfort.

For the purpose of clarity, I want to stick with the goal of earning $30,000 average monthly net income. Feel free to make that your goal for the next 12 months.

So how many network marketers can boast of $30,000 per month? That’s less than 5% of the whole profession my friend but let me explain…

I promise there is nothing special about that. No matter what profession you go to, the entrepreneurs in the field always end up with less than 10% success rate.

The only thing that may make it worse in network marketing is because people have an out. Building a network marketing business often falls in the “hobby” department for most people.

But don’t expect them to admit that….

I know people personally who haven’t actively promoted their business in 5 years and still claim the “network marketer” title. If you don’t count them as part of the success rate, there’s not much left.

The odds are not that great…

Therefore the number #1 network marketing success secret is probably a determination to never quit. For me personally, quitting is almost the equivalent of committing suicide; it’s impossible and I don’t ever think about that option.

Most of the success stories in network marketing are people who got to a point and planted a flag of commitment. On a previous episode, I shared my favorite 19 network marketing success quotes which you can see here.

Among them was a definition of commitment:

Commitment is doing the thing, you said you would do, long after the mood you said it in has left you! ~ George Zalucki

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Building a successful business in network marketing requires you to be successful already. How is that possible you asked? Well, it’s the only option but let me explain…

Sometimes, I encounter certain prospects that very likely will not make it. I have an ability to see it coming too. It’s a ‘belief’ thing.  If they are afraid of any or everything including their very own abilities, it’s bad sign.

I’m not necessarily saying you have to be born with money. But you have to a vision of what it feels and look like to be successful already. This type of thing usually shows up in your confidence.

Guess what; it eventually shows up in the bank account too. If you don’t truly believe that you can create success, you won’t do it. If you don’t believe in your success, no one will believe you.

How to build a network marketing success belief system within you.

If you don’t feed your mind, the devil will feed it for you.

This is the truth about everything in life. Your brain and the human mind is never going to be some type of vacuum. Something will always occupy the space.

Here is the good news. You get to decide what that is. If you engage yourself in consuming success related knowledge, you won’t have much choice than to produce and perform highly and accordingly.

It happens by default. The following are some of the ways that I personally feed my mind and brain daily:

I started back in 2004 and I believe I am no where close to 1% of my journey… and that’s a little over 10 million dollars later. I am still on the course and I am still trying to figure out as I go. What an exciting journey.

So we do throw the number, 2% network marketing success rate around. The reason for that dreadful number is that network marketing attracts everyone with no pre-qualifications.

I personally believe that 100% of the entrepreneurs in network marketing make serious money. However, 97%+ of network marketers are not entrepreneurs. Please think about that.

The other day, I was talking to a person who claimed he didn’t have a life because he’s trying to build his business. If he doesn’t change his mindset, he will quit and that’s the only way to truly fail.

The entrepreneurs who achieve network marketing success knew on day 1 that their business is their life. Therefore they have a life. So it’s true that you have to love network marketing to make money in it.

Here are a 3 simple network marketing success tips that should put you on track for massive results.

  1. Success in network marketing is about sponsoring and recruiting people.
  2. Therefore you need leads of people; more prospects than you can speak to in one day coming in daily.
  3. Most people you recruit will quit–that’s a fact.  Therefore you need a decent recruiting speed.

You need to be recruiting 20 – 30 reps per month.  With today’s technology, it’s more than possible.  In order to recruit 20 -30 reps per month, you need to be generating 30 leads per day.

It’s easy to do that and more if you leverage network marketing 2.0 which is essentially online publishing. Learn more about that at this 2 hour and 10 minutes workshop. Free class available within the next 24 business hours.

Each person you recruit is to be plugged into a system and not to be babysitted. Baby sitting is only allowed if you are being paid a minimum of $1,000 per hour otherwise it will kill your business.  So use systems.

Network marketing success comes from running it like a business. It’s not a job. It’s a journey and not a destination. Once you know how to generate 1 lead, celebrate the crap out of it and then do it over and over again.


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