Introduction – Who Uses Digital Marketing?

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You are about to discover who uses digital marketing and who should be using digital marketing.

Remember, I said, there are 3 core pillars in business.

  1. Value
  2. Medium
  3. People

You need people and you need to have some kind of offer that’s valuable to these people.

So the keyword is “value” and you need to have a way to link it and that’s digital marketing in this digital era.

So who would use digital marketing?

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Anybody who has any kind of products or services to offer a hungry audience should be using digital marketing in one capacity or the other.

So let’s be clear. There are a couple of things that happen in between those three core pillars.

You have some kind of value, and there’s an audience that you know is in absolute need of what you have to offer.

If that audience is searching on Google or roaming around on social media looking for solutions, then clearly your presence is needed up there.

There’s a new social network app on the come up every time we blink with your audience listening and consuming content everywhere.

Some of these people they are listening to are talking a whole lot of nothing But they are listening to them because they are looking for solutions.

So when they finished listening to a bunch of nothing, they’re gonna still want solutions, and you know where they’re going to go next?

Google and try to search for the solution. They’re going to search for answers and solutions. But you need to speak their language.

You need to understand what their pain point is in order to be able to present what you have to offer to them.

If what I just said fits your business, you should be using digital marketing.

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For example, real estate wholesaling…

Your offer is that you can help people that are in distress of homeownership get rid of the property; that’s your offer.

The offer is for somebody who is trying to sell a property that couldn’t sell fast.

You can help them sell it and get rid of it starting with a pen and piece of paper.  These days, that can all be done digitally using DocuSign.

Or, as a matter of fact, let’s speak in a better language and more legal language.

You can buy that house from them by locking it under contract right now.

Your audience distressed homeowners, as we speak, are on Facebook and they’re hanging out in certain groups somewhere.

They are clicking on “like” buttons… on some kind of interest Zillow, home.com, access to all types of browsing data that you can leverage to build your business faster.

You know, there are 5 stages in business if you follow me, you know those five stages.

The first stage is Data.  Well, Facebook, Google and so many other platforms has the best and  real time data.

The question is this…

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Are you there? 

…or you’re just busy buying data from people that you don’t actually know the source of their data?

We know the source of Facebook & Google data. How do we know?  We know because you’re on there as a content and at least entertainment consumer.

Instagram is the same thing, right?

So again, we’re going to dive deeper and deeper into this.

But here’s the answer to that question.

If you have some kind of value or offer to offer a specific type of audience that will find a solution or answer in what you have to offer, you deserve to be using digital marketing.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a local business, a hairstylist, a real estate wholesaler, a real estate agent, you deserve to learn how this works or at least have somebody in your organization doing it.

And if you can’t afford somebody in your organization doing it, you should be doing it because literally the way I’m gonna teach you… 

It will take you 3 to 4 hours per week to run the whole thing and have your pipeline filled with endless leads.

If you know anything about my 5 stages, the third stage is Leads and you don’t have a pipeline of leads, you have a dead business, essentially.

Digital marketing is the ultimate solution to endless leads for any business.

Which companies use or need digital marketing?

Every company in a digital age should and must be using digital marketing especially if they plan to stay competitive.

Where is digital marketing used?

If your customer and their geo-location and demography includes mostly people who own a smart phone, that’s an indication that digital marketing would be more profitable in that location.

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