4 Traits of a Fast Growing Wholesale Homes Sale Inventory📍

If you want to build an actual business, one thing you should be obsessed with is growing a wholesale homes sale inventory.

So in any given month, you should have at least 10-20 homes in it that your buyers’ list can check out from time to time.

Therefore in order to do that, you must master these 4 traits that the successful ones have.

Wholesale Homes Sale Profits

(1) Never personally drive for dollars

The keyword there is “personally”.

Sure you can have others whose time is not necessarily as valuable doing that but if you can get a regular job for $10 per hour, 

Driving for dollars, as primarily a data collection method, is probably not worth your time. 

(2) Bulk Data Collection & Analysis  → Fast & Profitable Wholesale Homes Sale Inventory

Collecting data of distressed property addressed and their owners  is the very first step in the business of wholesale real estate

And maintaining a healthy wholesale homes sale inventory.

So it’s not surprising that there are many gimmicky methods that are being prescribed by gurus

Especially when rookies complain about lack of funds.

Therefore you have to be sure that you are not working against leverage in your business.

Data is extremely cheap and for as low as $5 and below per day,

You will have access to all the data you need to start your marketing and talking to people.

So this part of the business should be done in bulk and batches to get you closer to the money even faster. 

(3) Be a Pipeline Builder

If you are doing things right, you will be in constant contact with lots of prospects.

More importantly to this point,

You will have prospects waiting in your pipeline to be served…

That is to say you should NOT have too much time to be spending with non-motivated sellers.

(4) Don’t be a Pointless Investigator 

In this business nowadays, we have access to so much data about properties and their owners and the liens against them.

So it’s very important that you don’t fall into the fallacy of becoming an investigator.

These tools are designed to help you through “100 prospects in 1 minutes”

And not to start spending 100 minutes  on one piece of property investigating through every link you find.

Success loves speed.

As long as you are talking to a motivated seller with an admitted problem you can solve, get the contract and figure things out as you go.

Below is a question for us to address with this lesson…

“So I went driving for dollars and I found a vacant property in the area. 

When I put the information in DealMachine, I was able to get the owner’s name and number to call, see what’s the status and if they were willing to sell. 

When I called, they said they didn’t own or have any recollection of buying it. 

It was purchased last year.

And even when I checked the tax assessor, their names popped up again! 

Have you had this issue?”

Enjoy the video.

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Where can I find wholesale real estate deals?

You can find wholesale real estate deals by marketing offers to potentially distressed home owners.

How do you buy houses wholesale?

Deals just don’t fall out of the skies.

Therefore it means you have to find PEOPLE that have a reason to sell their real estate properties

…Less than what it would be worth on a regular retail market.

Is wholesale real estate worth it?

Wholesale Real estate is worth it and all the effort if you understand that it’s about your marketing skills.

If you fall short on that, it can be frustrating and like 98% of the people who try, you will quit.

How much money do you need to start wholesaling real estate?

Using the smart wholesaling formula, all you need is $300 but it can take a lot less if you don’t value time and have time to invest in manual marketing methods.

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