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Question: “How Much MONEY Can You Make WHOLESALING?”

That question is very generic and it’s always a weird question for me.

What I can tell you is that the highest I’ve made from one deal is $82,000.

My average is $25,000 per deal.

I have made as low as zero on a deal before.

The deal fell apart, it just didn’t happen.

Things happened and we found out they owe way too much money,

And I’ve also closed another deal like that, that six months later, my partner said, “Hey, I got a $5000 check coming your way”.

We were able to get a pay off on the deal we closed that we took on a promissory note back on the deal because we needed money to do the deal.

So there’s all kinds of weird scenarios, but the key thing here is that one deal can change your life.

That’s very true.

But I know way too many people that have closed one deal and can’t close anymore deals after that,

Because they never created a system that will keep doing the same thing over and over again.

They were just very excited they got lucky and they closed one deal, you see a lot of them on the testimonials.

They closed one deal, they got excited and they can’t find them anymore,

…there’s like 200 of them on one guru’s videos.

You don’t wanna be in that category.

You wanna be a person that’s doing deals from time to time to time.

And that’s why in the 11 Days Challenge, we focus on helping you build a system that you can outline everything.

That’s why we come up with the five stages and you know where you’re getting stuck if you ever get stuck.

Just keep that in mind.

So, how much money can you make wholesaling?


It’s completely up to you, but this is a business.

Just keep that in mind.

It’s gonna take a little bit of you, more than a job but it’s worth it,

Because if you build this out into this business system it’s absolutely worth it.

Plus, it expands out.

The back end of this is that you can literally keep the best deals for yourself.

You can buy and hold, and you can build wealth.

And you can build a legacy, build a portfolio of assets that are the best because you’re the one also in the forefront of marketing for this kind of deals.

So if you’re here and all you want is just wanna buy, fix and flip.


You’re still in the right place because this skill set is either you learn or you have somebody on your team who learns it,

…so you can get the best deals and just get the other deals that you don’t want.

Get them out to other people and you collect 5 grand, 10 grand or 25 grand.

A few couple dollars over there, here and there, it all adds up.

But the first thing you wanna think about when it comes to this question is understand that it is a business.

That’s why you can’t come at me and say “I don’t have $300 a month”.

I’m gonna tell you, go back to a job for the meanwhile, figure that out first and come back.

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…because ultimately what happens is that if I help you squeeze yourself in, you’re gonna be a pain in the neck for all of us.

Including myself, including yourself eventually because again, you’re trying to squeeze nothing out of something.

But if you have a job, you can basically say, “you know, I got $300. I got $500. I got $600 a month. I got $1000 a month that I can invest in this business”.

There’s a process to follow, and I can do this over and over a game.

I wasn’t comfortable with the question but I did it, made it happen.

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