The Basics of Digital Marketing – Master the Fundamentals

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The basics of digital marketing is very simple; marketing.

There are 3 things you should know about marketing that I learned from Dan Kennedy who is a legend in marketing.

The 3  M’s.

So remember we talked about value.

Here is another way to break down the basics of marketing.

  1. Message 
  2. Medium
  3. Market

…The three M’s.

The market in this context is the people,

So they’re still connected to the core pillars that I shared with you earlier.

We have…

  1. Value
  2. Automation
  3. People

So when you’re marketing, it’s not necessarily about your product.

Even if you have a terrible product which hopefully you don’t, 

…if your messaging is laser targeted, If your marketing message is on point and eating into the soul of your ideal client and they can feel it kind of like…

Wow, this is what I need to solve my problem”.

“This was the answer I was looking for to my question”.

That’s the right message.

The Right Medium

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So you need the right message through the right medium because some medium is not exactly appropriate for what you have to offer.

So, for example…

Clubhouse, the new social media app, is blowing up at press time.

I decided I don’t want to serve the digital marketing or the real estate niche there because I don’t feel like it’s a fit…At least not yet.

Some people may argue differently, but for my style, I’d rather just pour out what I know 

And let the people that want to use it come to it.  That’s how I like to do business.

It gives me peace of mind.

When I’m done with this, I’ll go upstairs and hang out with my wife and my Children, 

…and have a good time.

When I put too much pressure on myself, it affects my productivity.

So I’d rather just put out content and let the people that find it useful use it.

So why am I saying that?

I’m saying specifically… for what you have to offer…Specifically for your style.

A medium may not be a fit.

…so you need to make sure you’re on the right medium 

…and likewise it needs to target the right market.

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You don’t want to be spitting at people that don’t have a need

… or don’t feel like they have a need for what you have to offer.

That’s why we call it Laser targeting; A laser targeted audience.

When it comes to online traffic, you don’t want all three billion people on the Internet.

You want the people that are right now… most likely going to buy from you 

Because you do not want to be spending money or time attracting the people that are the “wrong market.

Instead you obviously want to be attracting the right people which is the people with the highest chance of finding what you have to offer useful.

Do you know how digital marketing differs from TV as a media form?

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We know very little about the demographic of the market when compared to today’s digital platforms.

We know about the zip code… maybe.  We know about that state that is either politically red or blue, I guess.

But we don’t have laser target information about people’s interest.

With today’s digital network? you know if somebody went out to go shop for some kind of car yesterday.

You also know what website they were on yesterday.

In fact, you know if they have similar interests to the people that come to your website in the last three months.

I mean, it’s a laser target market… the right market and that’s massive leverage with digital marketing.

That’s how it’s different from cold calling.

You’re cold calling people…

And yes you know they have a house, but you don’t know if they are interested in selling the house right now.

That’s a big difference.

Same goes for text messaging people… strangers.

Yes, you got those phone numbers from skip tracing but you don’t even know if they are the right phone numbers.

About half of those numbers are gonna be wrong for a fact.

In this time and age, you have to pay attention to these variables when it comes building a business empire.

What are the basics of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is basically the art and science of marketing products and services to potential customers and clients via digital media platforms.

How can I teach myself digital marketing?

Not advisable, but you can actually teach yourself digital marketing by simply setting up free accounts on major digital media platforms such as Google, Facebook etc.

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